Sad Day: Unable to Stream for Extra Life 2017

Extra Life is a charity group that helps the Children’s Miracle Network. It’s an organization I fully believe in and love to help when I can. Every year there is an event for 24 hours of gaming held across the country. Normally, I try to live stream game play on Twitch. For Extra Life 2017, it doesn’t look like I’ll be able to.

Why Extra Life?

I love the whole premise around Extra Life: giving to children in need and often saving lives. After my daughter’s bought with an acute asthma attack that made her little lips turn blue, I wanted to show my appreciation to Children’s Hospital in Denver.

Extra Life is one of the organizations that gives money to that facility.

Children are innocent and are unable to care for themselves. Many families are just not financially equipped to care for young ones, especially in an economy that screws low-income families from affording care and medical needs. I try to do what I can to benefit Extra Life in any way possible to offset some of those issues in society.

Why No Stream for Extra Life 2017?

I am using a computer I built about eight years ago. She’s on her last legs and has difficulty even turning back on once it’s shut off. The last attempt I made at a live stream, the feed was incredibly choppy. While it did become much better after turning on the NVenc encoder, it was heating up the video card rather quickly.

As a result, I decided that I wouldn’t be able to contribute to the 24-hour event with my live stream on Twitch. If I melt my video card, I would be pretty screwed when it came to work. I am a freelance ghostwriter and rely on my computer for income.

I do have a plan in place for next year’s Extra Life event. But it doesn’t help much in my predicament for the moment. I would spend the money to upgrade my machine, but I’m also trying to save for Christmas. And my daughters are more important than a stable gaming computer.

What About Other Venues?

Currently, I am working on a platform for YouTube with Colorado Plays. If I can get everything squared away, I would love to at least record something for the channel. If I am able to set it up in time, everything the video makes will go directly to Extra Life 2017.

As it stands, I already have a plan for this website to donate a portion of its income to Extra Life. I just wish I was capable of doing more. But this year has been a bit of a wreck with me moving back from Los Angeles and getting squared away.

Until Christmas is over, however, it may take a bit of time to establish what it is I am doing. It’s been incredibly hectic and I doubt that I will get much of a breather until the holidays are over. But I’ll still give it my best.

Worst case scenario, I should still be able to continue building up this website.

What About Supporting Other Streamers?

At the moment, my funds are pretty tight. However, I might be able to at least help another Twitch streamer with a few bucks. I might even donate a bit to myself just so I can go above the $5 mark.

I don’t mind helping others on the Twitch platform. I just don’t know if I can trust everyone to donate all their monies to Extra Life 2017. I know not everyone is that heartless. But after events around the world the past year or so, it makes it difficult to trust humanity.

Still, there are a few streamers I watch often enough that I have a pretty good idea of who they are as people.

Will There Be a Grand Triumphant Return?

It’s hard to say how grand my return will be once I build my new computer. No matter what, I need a new machine as part of my regular income. I just hope I have enough extra money to make it something stream-worthy.

I’m quite disappointed that I’ll miss Extra Life 2017, but I am fairly excited about facing the new year. If all goes well, I should return to Twitch in January or perhaps February. It’s just sad that I am not able to contribute as much as I wanted.

In the mean time, I can still create YouTube videos and gaming content of things I can do around the house and the state of Colorado. After all, there are a lot of fun things people can do in Denver without spending a single dime. It’s good for website content and YouTube videos.

When Will This Website Contribute to Extra Life?

Currently, I don’t have enough content to use Google Adsense. It’s close, but I need to get some more material. As soon as the site starts picking up, though, it’ll probably be a monthly contribution. Of course, this also depends if the site can generate enough popularity.

You need to hit a $100 threshold for Google to pay out. I’ve had my Adsense account since 2008 and it finally paid out $104 last month. On the other hand, I really didn’t put much effort into creating content on my websites until recently.

Laziness is a terrible thing.

On the upside, I am facing 2018 with a whole new attitude and ready to make some magic happen. This is as much for my own sanity as it is for helping others. Battling depression and a terrible mindset with a midlife crisis, this gives me something to look forward to. As a result, I am more excited about the future than I have been in a long time.

In the Meantime…

So with Extra Life 2017 winding down, I’ll start a better strategy for 2018. I’m sure there is more that I can do, I just have been running an uphill marathon since returning to Colorado. But that’s not going to stop me from putting effort into helping others. After all, where would my daughter be today if not for places like the Children’s Hospital in Denver?

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Michael is a freelance ghostwriter who spends a lot of time creating content for various organizations. He is an avid game-player and is currently working on fitness and health contributions.

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