About Us

Michael started Colorado Plays the end of June in 2017. It’s his intention to engage people of all kinds and help them realize that gaming and fitness don’t have to be separated. Exercise and health is easier to improve if you have the capacity to gamify it.

At 287 pounds, Michael started playing the Xbox 360 Kinect and other games where physical activity is key. Whether it’s playing digital tennis on the television or hitting the golf course, Michael lost his first 20 pounds within two months.

The Future of Colorado Plays

It’s the goal of Colorado Plays and Crossing Colorado to help people lose weight and live healthy. The core belief is that people don’t need fad diets or gym memberships to gain control of their lives. Exercise doesn’t have to be a mundane and mind-numbing chore.

The website will continue to develop showcasing the best fitness gamification features of Colorado as well as digital entertainment. It is our goal to be one of the best places to go to for those looking for something to do in this beautiful state that promotes a healthy atmosphere.

Video Games and Fitness

Colorado Plays does more than just promote health and fitness through physical gaming. We understand that sometimes the mind needs to take a break and go on a GTA bender. But, even those games can be therapeutic for mental health.

And that’s the premise behind Colorado Plays. Fitness is both physical and mental, and no one should deny themselves of living a better life. This is why Michael can play an hour or two shooting demons in Doom before going out and hitting the links.

Gamification of health and fitness is more engaging. Instead of viewing a morning routine as a grueling activity, the “game” aspect keeps the mind focused on the end objective. For example, one of Michael’s goals is to have one million fans in Kinect Sports Season 2.

Charity Contributions

Michael is a firm supporter of Extra Life, the gaming charity which contributes to the Children’s Miracle Network. Every year since 2013, Michael has signed up to directly support the Children’s Hospital in Denver, Colorado. In fact, 30% of monies made by the Colorado Plays website, YouTube channel and Twitch stream are donated to various charities.

Colorado Plays also supports Operation Supply Drop, Big Cat Rescue and other honorable charities that we know will use the money for good. If you wish to join us, hit Michael up on Twitter or Facebook. He’s usually quick to respond.

Although the site is still young, we have high aspirations. We hope you’ll join us and support Colorado Plays whether it’s reading our content or watching our videos on YouTube. Just your presence is reward enough for us to continue doing what we do.

Breakdown of Income

For clarity reasons, we’ve decided to show you just what we spend money on here at Colorado Plays. We believe in transparency and do our best to make sure those around us are successful in all things.

30% Directly to Extra Life

As a base, 30% of anything generated off of this website, the Twitch channel or YouTube channel is sent to the charity organization Extra Life. We sponsor the Children’s Hospital here in Denver, which is where the money in Extra Life is going to.

There will be some events where more is donated to various causes, but the 30% cut happens no matter what.

20% Various Christmas Charities

Throughout the year, we hold back 20% of anything generated by Colorado Plays to help bring a little extra something to the needy during the holiday season. For example, Toys for Tots is a good place to start. If we can accumulate a decent amount of cash, we’ll even live stream the shopping so everyone can see the impact their donations and support provide.

This may be subject to change during certain events where more or less is put into the coffers for Christmas.

30% to Pay Us

We don’t have an unlimited amount of time, and we need to pay our bills too. Less than one-third of the money from Colorado Plays actually goes into our pockets. The better we are at keeping the electricity on in the house, the more we’re able to put into Colorado Plays.

20% R&D

Research and development…such as going out to various venues in Colorado and reviewing them. We know, this kinda sounds like we’re doing it to pay ourselves. But hang on…R&D also includes buying new hardware and toys to make Colorado Plays even better. Not too mention this gives us the funds to do giveaways in the future.

We would love to have the money to give things away to our avid readers.

The above breakdown is subject to change depending on certain events. For example, every year we donate 100% of all income during the Extra Life event – 24 hours of gaming for charity. Sometimes we’ll hold Operation Supply Drop events where 100% of the money goes towards our troops.

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