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How to Add the Alert Box to Streamlabs OBS

Streamlabs OBS is one of the more intuitive pieces of broadcasting software for live streams or video recordings. Especially when combined with the Streamlabs service. Today, I’ll walk you through setting up the Alert Box in Streamlabs OBS and why you should.

It’s actually quite an easy process as Streamlabs has gone out of its way to simplify the process.

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Why Add an Alert Box to Streamlabs OBS?

An alert box is a widget that displays information in Streamlabs OBS regarding a user’s action. For example, an image and sound effect will play if someone follows your Twitch or YouTube accounts.

It’s a way to engage the audience by highlighting the individual during a live stream or video. This, in turn, leads to greater interaction from viewers. Usually, this is because the viewer then feels appreciated for his or her efforts.

Streamlabs has a variety of alerts you can show, all of which are customizable. So, you can set an animated image and certain sound effect to play should someone subscribe, donate bits, or even donate to your Extra Life page.

How to Add the Alert Box to Your Streamlabs OBS Feed

I’m going to assume you already have a free Streamlabs account and the Streamlabs OBS software installed. You’ll need to sign in with your Streamlabs account to effectively use Streamlabs OBS.

Before we start, make sure you’re on the correct scene you want to use during your live broadcast or recorded video.

Let’s dive into how to use Streamlabs to show your alert box.

Step 1: Add the Alert Box Widget

Above your list of sources for the scene, click the “+” icon to add a new source.

Add New Source

This will open the “Add Source” window. As you see, you can choose from a number of sources and Streamlabs widgets to add to your video content.

Step 2: Select the Alertbox

Click the “Alertbox” widget. It is usually highlighted with the word, “Essential.” That’s because it is, in most cases.

Alert Box Widget

A preview will appear in the Add Source window of what the default follower alert looks like.

NOTE: This is not your customized follower image or sound effect. It’s only a placeholder for the default image.

Click the “Add Source” button on the bottom.

Add Source

Step 3: Name and Add the Alert Box

Give the alert box a new name and click the “Add Source” button. This is so you can find it easily in the sources window in case you need to make adjustments.

I’m just going to keep it the default “Alertbox” name because, well, that’s what it is.

Add Alertbox Source

The editor for the alert box in Streamlabs OBS will launch. This is where it gets a bit fun.

Alert Box Settings for Streamlabs OBS

Step 4: Edit Your Alert Box (optional)

From this screen, you can perform a wide variety of options when it comes to the Streamlabs alert box. You can disable specific alerts, change the layout of the image, resize the width and height, and even run tests.

Essentially, you have all the tools that are available in the widgets area of the Streamlabs system. This just lets you make changes and adjustments without having to visit the website.

NOTE: You can preview all of your alerts by clicking the “+” icon next to each specific one.

Click the grey “Alert” button from the top of the list.

Open Alerts

Choose the alert you want to edit by clicking its button. For this tutorial, let’s say I want to change the Follows alert.

Choose Your Alert

Click the pencil icon of the image.

Edit Alert

NOTE: In reality, you can click anywhere in the image to open its settings. Just don’t inadvertently click the trash can. That will remove the image from the alert box in Streamlabs OBS.

On the right side of the Settings window, you’ll see all of your options for the alert.

Alert Settings

You can change:

  • Layout
    You have three options for the style of layout for the alert box. You can put the image above, in the middle, or off to the left of the text.
  • Title Message
    This lets you modify what text is displayed during the event. You can change fonts, sizes, and colors in this section.
  • Media
    From the Media area, you can change the image, gif, or video that is displayed as well as the sound file.
  • Animation
    You can modify the animation type, speed, style, and duration of the alert box.

Step 5: Test the Alert Box Widget

Once you’re satisfied with the alert, click the “Test Widgets” button.

Test Widgets

Currently, you can test five different widgets in Streamlabs OBS: Follow, Subscription, Donation, Bits, and Host. Click the alert box you want to test in Streamlabs OBS.

Alert Box Test

When you click the alert, it will instantly show in the Widget Editor.

Alert Box Test for Streamlabs

NOTE: It’s always a good idea to test your alerts. You want them to look as perfect as possible before you go live or start recording.

Step 6: Save the Alert Box Widget

When you are happy with the alert box in Streamlabs OBS, click the “Done” button from the bottom right of the editor.

Done Editing Alert Box

Step 7: Move the Alert Box Where You Want

Once the editor closes, you can reshape the alert box in your video preview window. You can do this by grabbing any white square box with the mouse and moving it about.

Reshape Alert Box in Streamlabs OBS

As you can see, Streamlabs OBS is picking up my Photoshop window. This is because it’s set to record any full-screen application. So if you want to make video tutorials, this is a great piece of software for that purpose.

Anyway, you can also click into the square and move it to any location you wish. The pixel measurements are a great addition to the software as it can help you find exact areas to place the alert box.

And there you have it. As long as you’re logged into your Streamlabs account, it’s a breeze to add the alert box to the Streamlabs OBS platform. All of your changes are saved, and you have direct control over the account.

Give Viewers a Reason to Keep Watching

Showing the alert box in Streamlabs OBS just gives people a bit more of a reason to support you. It’s a way to display appreciation and could easily lead to follow trains. After all, the fear of missing out is what drives many to become fans.

And this piece of software makes it incredibly easy to add and modify those alerts.

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