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Review: How Well Does the Aluratek 4K Web Camera Work?

In my quest to improve video quality, I decided to upgrade from my old Logitech c920 HD webcam to the Aluratek 4K. And although the price is about twice that of the Logitech, the quality of video is significantly higher.

For one thing, I was impressed that it displayed my actual skin tone without messing around with the settings.

But what really blows me away is how much more crisp the background is in comparison to the old camera. This just means I need to keep my office a tad cleaner.

What is the Aluratek 4K HD Webcam?

The Aluratek 4K webcam is a USB video device that provides good quality for recording or streaming. Using dual, noise-cancelling mics built in, the Aluratek 4K offers everything you need for computer-based video content.

Now, there are far more effective and better 4K cameras out on the market. But for a webcam, this unit offers more than many of the others I’ve tried.

In fact, it was a big step up from my Logitech c920.

What Can You Expect from the Aluratek 4K Camera?

I’ve never tried Aluratek products before, so I was a bit leery about spending so much money on a brand I didn’t know. I was looking for better quality in videos and all the other 4K cameras were several hundred dollars.

This camera fell easily into my budget, so I decided to give it a try. And for what I paid, the quality was a pleasant surprise.

Easy to Install

First off, the camera is incredibly easy to install. As soon as I plugged the Aluratek 4K webcam into my computer, Windows 10 installed it before I got in front of my monitor.

I didn’t have to worry about installing bloated software, drivers, or anything of that nature. The webcam was ready to use almost instantly.

This was a nice change after my recent bout with Logitech about the drivers using the Windows generic software and needing updated. That’s a story in and of itself.

Dual Built-in Microphone

Like most webcams I’ve come across lately, the Aluratek 4K has a set of built-in, noise-cancelling mics. Though, I never use these as I am more partial to the Blue Snowball I have on the computer.

I simply talk too softly for the built-in mics to really pick up my voice. That’s more of an issue with how I speak and not a reflection on hardware, though.

Perhaps I’ll give the mics a test run with one of the live streams later this week.

At any rate, you have the option to use the mics should they fit your purpose. Eventually, I would like to compare this setup to the built-in mics for a laptop.

Uses Computer Software for Settings

Although the Aluraktek 4K doesn’t come with software, Windows 10 has a control panel that easily works with the camera. I am able to make all kinds of adjustments from color correction to panning and zooming.

This is one area that I put the Logitech over the Aluratek. It seems there are more modifications you can make with the c920. For one thing, I’m accustomed to using the Logitech software to take images for my video thumbnails.

Now, I have to figure out a whole new method for pics of myself on camera. I’m sure it’s just a matter of figuring out what I can use to snap a picture with the webcam, though.

Lense Cover Attachment

Aluratek Lens Cover

As security and safety is a major concern nowadays, the Aluratek 4K comes with a lense cover attachment. This isn’t a built-in feature like you might see with other cameras. You have to stick the cover on the camera yourself.

However, attaching the cover is quite easy. And the adhesive used is more sturdy than I thought it would be.

Now, I can flip the cover should I be wary of anyone spying on me. Not that I really care about such things. I’m on camera a lot of the time, anyway.

A Bit Wider than the Logitech

Logitech Aluratek Size Comparison

The size of the Aluratek webcam is almost twice that of the Logitech c920. Though, the overall design doesn’t make it too bulky for most monitors or laptops nowadays.

For me, it fits well enough on my 27-inch, curved, AOC monitor. Thanks to its mount, which is similar to the Logitech, it can easily grab ahold of most video chassis.

I was concerned at first, considering the curve of the monitor doesn’t provide a lot of surface area. But the mount has rubber pads and a stiff hinge, so it works relatively well.

Tripod Mounting?

If you’re interested in putting a camera on a tripod, this webcam has the socket for mount screws. I suppose in some situations it’s handy to place the camera on a mount depending on the type of video content you’re making.

For me, though, it’ll probably just stay on my monitor. My videos mostly consist of me being in my office either doing a tutorial or playing a game.

Simple Enough for OBS and XSplit Broadcaster

After installing the Aluratek 4K, I immediately opened OBS. This is because I wanted to compare video quality against the Logitech. The camera easily connected to OBS and XSplit while being able to let me adjust the settings.

At one point, I had both the Aluratek and Logitech running in OBS so I could compare video quality. And it all ran without a single issue.

I Have to Use it at 1080 Resolution

In its true, 4K mode, the Aluratek has a resolution of 3840×2160 at 30 fps. And this wider lens picks up all kinds of areas inside of my office. Because of the extreme width, I had to set it to run at 1920×1080.

But, this doesn’t mean it’s a lower quality. It just means the camera merely zooms itself to fit in those dimensions. In 1080, I can use the pan and tilt features of the settings to fine-tune what I want to show in the video.

Video Comparison
Pay close attention to the background. And yes, I gained 10 pounds since the first pic.

Unfortunately, the camera doesn’t have pan or tilt capabilities in the wider, 3840 resolution.

On the upside, at least I know I can set it wider with excellent quality should I have people over or doing an in-person interview.

Would I Recommend the Webcam?

So far, I haven’t had a single problem with the Aluratek 4K webcam. It took less than a few minutes to set up and worked immediately for what I needed.

Being a fan of Logitech, I feel like I am betraying the brand. I really like the Aluratek and how crisp everything is during a recording.

Granted, it’s not nearly as fancy as some of those $2400 cameras you see so many YouTubers use. But for the price, it was a definite step up from what I had before.

Oddly enough, I can’t find a 4K webcam that comes close in terms of price. In fact, I couldn’t find any other 4K webcam in the entire store. And yes, I was looking!

Long answer short, yes, I would definitely recommend the Aluratek 4K webcam…especially if you’re using a cheaper model of Logitech and you are on a budget.

I’m sure that once I get to a point where I can afford an expensive camera that I’ll upgrade again. But for now, the Aluratek 4K does really well for what I spent.

The Quality of Video Counts!

After looking back at my past videos, I’m truly amazed that I am near 1000 subscribers on YouTube. The videos are quite blurry in comparison to what this new camera delivers. I wonder if that’s why my retention rate is so low?

At any rate, providing the best video quality you can is important. And the Aluratek 4K has superior performance in that regard compared to webcams that are less than $100.

All I can really say is that I’m a fan and I’m looking forward to seeing if the new videos perform better than the older ones.

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