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Review: At the Historic Fraser Tubing Hill, Fraser, CO

Last Updated on February 8, 2024 by Michael Brockbank

Looking for a bit of fun in the snow? We recently explored the Historic Fraser Tubing Hill in Fraser, Colorado last weekend and had an incredible amount of fun. Although the weather was to be desired, it was expected for being 8,574 feet above sea level in the middle of winter.

After a long drive from Longmont to Fraser, we found the trip to be worth the time and expense of visiting one of my new favorite mountain top locations.

Personally, I rather enjoy trips through the Colorado mountains regardless of the season.

Coming from someone who would love to live in Estes Park…if I had the money and access to fiber Internet.

What is the Fraser Tubing Hill?

Essentially, the Fraser Tubing Hill is a piece of land that is sloped and perfect for sliding down in a tube. The surrounding landscape is a bit desolate but delivers some great snow-based photography.

At one point in the hill, we clocked the tubes at just above 20 miles per hour. And if you’ve ever done it on a tube, 25mph feels much faster than it actually is. Because the tubes are manufactured specifically for snow, they cruise beautifully down the hill.

What I enjoyed the most was not falling. Even though I spun out a few times, never once did the tube roll out from under me. In fact, I don’t remember seeing anyone take a tumble.

This might have something to do with the general manufacturing of the tubes as well as the flat surface of the slope.

Once at the bottom, you walk your tube over to the “lift” which takes you the majority of the way back up. The staff cut steps into the snow, which makes it very easy to traverse once your tube is disconnected.

Then, you simply jump on your traveling device and send yourself down the Historic Fraser Tubing Hill once again.

Going Down Fraser Tubing Hill

One thing that stood out was the wind. Once it picked up at the top of the hill, it would do a good job of chilling you to the bone. However, the bottom of the hill was usually quite calm in comparison.

I’ll definitely take ski masks next time.

How Expensive is the Fraser Tubing Hill?

My only complaint is perhaps the fee for the experience. You can spend $22 per person for 60 minutes of tube rental, or $26 for 90 minutes.

You cannot bring your own tubes or sleds to the Fraser tubing hill.

If you take into consideration the gas and time it takes to get up to the Historic Fraser Tubing Hill, it can seem pretty expensive in the long run. However, it’s one of those experiences everyone should have as it was a nice trip for the whole family.

When you think about it, though, $22 per hour is about par for just about anything else you want to do in town. Plus, you’re surrounded by the majestic landscape while tubing in Fraser.

Is Fraser Tubing Hill Easily Accessible?

To get to Fraser, you need to traverse across US-40, which winds through the mountain tops of eastern Colorado. The roads are usually cleared of hazards, but it often still poses a threat to certain vehicles.

Since we came from the Denver-Metro area, we approached Fraser from the south. And I can say that even with snow covering the ground, the trip itself is incredible.

From bison to deer, we saw a menagerie of animals and beautiful mountain scenery all the way up.

Keep in mind that during worse snowstorms, you may be required to use chains on your tires.

What is the Engagement Factor?

Snow Tubing in Fraser

Although there is really only one activity for you on the slope, I found myself compelled to keep going down the hill over and over again. Whether it was racing my daughters to the bottom or going as a group and holding on to each other’s tubes, the 90 minutes we paid was well worth it.

On one part of the hill, there was a small jump created. It’s a pretty small lip, but it can bounce you pretty good if you’re not paying attention. Personally, I was going for speed and trying to keep myself from spinning in a circle.

How Does the Fraser Tubing Hill Rate for Fitness?

Although the whole premise of the Fraser Tubing Hill is to sit on a tube and go down the slope, it ranks fairly well in terms of fitness. Most of us experienced a lot of steps and elevated heart rates by going up the hill and walking over to the sections where you start the slide.

According to my Fitbit data, I stayed within the “fat burn” zone throughout the entire time. It wasn’t until I was in the van on the way home that my heart rate returned to normal.

I guess it would be like a steady aerobic exercise that isn’t too grueling. In reality, I burned more calories that day than I do on days when I exercise vigorously for 60 minutes total.

The point, though, is that if you’re looking to gamify fitness, the tubing hill in Fraser is definitely something to consider.

How is the Customer Service?

The staff at the Fraser Tubing Hill were spectacular. I never once felt out of place and they all were extremely helpful. In fact, some of the guys operating the “tube lifts” were jovial, making snow jokes and having fun with the guests.

However, not all of the staff were in the same high spirits. But I have to give them credit, though. It was stupid cold when that wind kicked up. Not everyone can maintain a positive attitude when the wind begins freezing various bodily fluids to your face.

All-in-all, it was a pleasant experience and I am impressed with how well the staff composed themselves.

Why Would You Want to Visit Fraser?

Heading up to Fraser might be one of those things I wouldn’t mind doing once or twice per year. Personally, I don’t have the time nor the gas money to go up to the top of the mountain on a regular basis. But if I lived closer, I am sure it would be almost a weekend thing throughout the winter.

We went up as a family of eight and all had an incredible time. Snow tubing in Fraser is a great activity if you want to do something in Colorado with the children.

Fraser is a beautiful location, especially for those who love snow. It’s a sleepy little town of less than 2,000 but has a great location for various snow sports.

Where is It Located?

Fraser Colorado Viewpoint

The Historic Fraser Tubing Hill is located near Fraser, Colorado. This is just a bit north of Winter Park. It’s also a fairly short distance from the Dog Sled Rides of Winter Park, something else I would love to try out.

According to Google, it is roughly an hour and a half from the middle of Denver. Of course, this also depends on road conditions and weather.

Fraser Tubing is a Lot of Fun!

Overall, I had an incredible time at the Historic Fraser Tubing Hill. In fact, my daughters are constantly bugging me to go back. It’s a pretty long drive from where I live, but some of the best things in Colorado are in the mountains themselves.

It’s worth the trip if you’re visiting for a weekend.

Even if you don’t want to tube the slope, the trip alone is among some of the most amazing scenery we have in Colorado.

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