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8 Best Game Streaming Websites to Grow Your Audience

Last Updated on June 23, 2020 by Michael Brockbank

Ready to go live with some great gameplay? You want to stream where you have the greatest chance of building an audience. Luckily, there are quite a few game streaming websites to choose from, nowadays. Today, I’ll go over some of my favorites.

The hardest part is finding which one will be the best for what you’re trying to accomplish. While one site may provide very little in terms of viewership, you could become a star streamer in another.

It all comes down to finding the best game streaming websites and when your peak audience is viewing.

What is Live Stream Gaming?

Live stream gaming is a very useful way of being able to keep up with news on your favorite video games. It also provides viewers with a source of entertainment as well as insight into certain games.

The viewer can also engage streamers in chat, asking them about the game and other actions the streamer is taking. In the world we live in, live game streaming can also be a source of income, just like any other day job.

Game streaming platforms may vary, but there are a few that can be on the top of the chain.

Eight of the best live game streaming websites are:

1. YouTube

YouTube Gaming

Among the top, Youtube is a great live game streaming website. It allows the streamer to grab ads, allowing their channel to thrive and make a source of revenue. YouTube gaming allows the creator to directly target a specific audience by including tags.

Creators also have the chance of starting with making normal videos to build up their base on their channels. This way, when they are ready to stream, the people subscribed would have a notification, making it easier to secure an audience.

YouTube also has it’s own live stream service, making live games more efficient. It’s also cheaper than buying or installing a program.

With streaming on YouTube, you have the ability to decide what exactly your stream will produce. This will make it so you can choose what your channel is all about. Whether it be a comedy, a let’s play, or just playing with commentary.

Another good benefit of streaming on YouTube is that it is multi-platform. If you play games on your mobile devices, as some people do, it’s possible to stream directly to YouTube. All you’d have to do is link the device to the channel.

2. Twitch

Twitch Streaming

One of the more pronounced platforms, Twitch is probably among the best live stream focused websites. The system is both user friendly and efficient. Twitch streams can also be sorted through categories, making it easier for the viewer to get exactly the content they are looking for.

This also makes it so the streamer can decide what exactly their channel can be used for.

Streamers get the opportunity for more viewers, as Twitch is the most-watched live stream platform in the world. There is also steady competition between Twitch users and Youtube streamers.

There is a “Top Ten” list of what games are popular to watch on Twitch. Viewers can decide whether they want to watch from this list or search the games they want to watch.

Twitch offers a prime feature, allowing members to get free games every month, get in-game content for games they already own, emoticons for Twitch chat, chat colors, and a chat badge.

This is aside from the fact that you can also connect your Amazon Prime account to Twitch.

3. InstaGib.TV

InstaGib Gaming

Continuing this list of game streaming websites, InstaGib offers its own streaming capabilities, meaning that nobody has to install streaming software to use it. This is another website that allows users to record videos and stream.

And, just like Twitch, InstaGib allows the streamer to talk to their viewers through a chat window. This is a good platform for any of you beginners as it allows you to learn more about streaming and making videos. This way, you can decide which is better for you, streaming or recording.

InstaGib.TV, unfortunately, does have limited bandwidth, meaning streamers would have to get a VIP account in order to continue using it.

4. Mixer

Using Mixer

Unfortunately, Microsoft is shutting down the Mixer platform as of July 22nd. Which is sad as it really was a decent system to stream games.

But, with all things corporate, once a large company buys your platform and they can’t make it work to the delight of investors, it’s time to shut it down. We’ve seen EA do this A LOT over the years.

At some point, we’ll add a new streaming service to this area. But for now, RIP Mixer. It was fun while it lasted.

5. Smashcast


With Smashcast, your streams can be categorized by the content you stream or even used to make your content public/private. This allows you to choose exactly who views your content. And a very fun feature of this site is the emotes.

Viewers can let emotes show up in the stream through an advanced emote bar. Streamers also have a feed where they can update viewers with everything in one spot. The last benefit is the ability to connect Discord with Smashcast.

If you’re looking for Hitbox, it’s no longer available. Hitbox was previously owned by Azubu, another streaming service, but now has become Smashcast.

As all streaming sites, you’d need to have an account in order to use it. Like some of the streaming sites on this list, Smashcast (Hitbox) is also popular with eSports.

6. DLive

DLive Streaming

One that is growing in popularity, DLive is a new competitor in live stream gaming. This site claims that it will never take a percentage of the revenue a streamer earns while using it. This means that DLive doesn’t take a percentage of viewer donations.

Instead, they have a cryptocurrency called Lino Points, to which they take almost ten percent of what is earned. DLive also rewards streamers for being active on the site.

DLive got its kickstart from a very impressive YouTube creator, PewDiePie, who explains that it treats its individuals as a partner, not just someone who visits and uses.

Also, unlike other streaming platforms, DLive doesn’t compete with streamers. Instead, it urges creators to support one another, even giving rewards for doing so.

7. Gosu

Gosu Gamers

This is another platform that is just right for beginners. The community can even help with tutorials. Gosu supports all file formats with clips. Gosu gamers are focused mainly on eSports only, as it was built by a League of Legends player who shares a name.

But, it’s still a useful platform for younger streamers who share an interest in games.

As this is a streaming platform based on eSports, there are tournaments posted on the game to help streamers with a competitive nature. The streamers on this site have a ranking system based on the games played. The players are ranked in wins, losses, draws, and how many games they’ve won in a row.

Because of the competitive tournament and ranking system, streamers who use this site go on to eSports championships. It also comes with a roster system to help you build a team to take you on your way to victory.

8. Facebook Gaming

Facebook Gaming

And finally, Facebook Gaming is a newer stream service. After Mixer closed down, Microsoft partnered with Facebook to bring over the streamers and audience. However, it’s hard to tell at the moment if it’s going to be a viable competitor for services like Twitch.

It’s really just taking off.

The layout for Facebook Gaming is a bit reminiscent of Twitch, but with a Facebook twist. One of the best features is how you can stream as yourself or as a Page you manage. For instance, I can stream as Colorado Plays on Facebook.

There is one hell of a caveat to monetizing on Facebook Gaming, though. You need at least 10,000 followers and 30,000 1-minute views for videos that are longer than three minutes long within the last six months.

This is perhaps one of the worst platforms on this list if you’re looking to monetize your gaming on Facebook. Not even YouTube is that strict, and it has far more of an audience!

So if you’re not a celebrity with a massive following, don’t expect to get paid from Facebook anytime in the near future.

The Bottom Line

Many of the game streaming websites on this list require an individual to install their own recording software. For example, you can connect something like OBS to Twitch or YouTube.

But there are some that support the community by including the ability to stream directly from the site.

Live streaming isn’t just a way of making quick cash or appealing to the gaming community. With the audience’s influence, it’s hard to decide what your channel will do.

But if the streamer is dedicated to making it work and enjoy what they are doing, then they will have no problem getting started. So, try out a few of these sites.

Get your cameras ready and bring on the action.

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