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Causes We Support

ColoradoPlays helps out when we can for various charities. If it’s centered around gaming in any form, we’re interested in supporting the cause. As such, a large portion of anything made on this site as well as the YouTube channel goes to help the causes we support.

Below is a list of those organizations, and there is more to come. As we believe in helping others in need, we’re always looking for another to add to our list.

What Causes Do We Support and Why?

We love helping out when at all possible. This is especially true when we can do so by doing something we planned on doing anyway: playing games.

And over the years, we’ve come across organizations that we felt fit our drives and goals.

Extra Life

Extra Life is the platform that got us into donating our time and money. It’s also the charity that prompted me to create this website in the first place.

Starting back in 2014, we’ve tried to do what we can to help Children’s Miracle Network. And the money we generate goes to benefit Children’s Hospital here in Denver.

Right off the top, we send about one-third of anything this website makes directly to Extra Life. Then, we donate 100% of anything we bring in during special events, such as the 24-hours of gaming.

It’s our hope that one day, we’ll be able to contribute far more.

Geeks of Grandeur

I recently learned that Geeks of Grandeur had to shut down. It was a charity organization that helped children in hospitals by providing gaming systems.

This upset me quite a bit as they were some of the nicest people I’ve ever met. And, I’m glad that we could support them every way we could.

To Kenny and Carleen, you guys are amazing!

Operation Supply Drop

Operation Supply Drop helps our military veterans in a variety of ways. In fact, OSD teamed up with Black Rifle Coffee to ship out pure, American coffee to the men and women deployed overseas.

This social program has helped over a million veterans and their families, and we love to give back to those who give us all they have in the defense of the United States and our allies.

In the past, we’ve helped ship Xbox systems and games to those who need a break. And when you’re faced with the unbelievable pressure our military comes across on a daily basis, any moment of peace is cherished.

How Do We Support these Causes?

As with any charity, there are two main ways you can offer support: donations and awareness. We try our best to do both of these with every organization.

And if all goes well, we’ll be able to start doing far more in the very near future.

Ad Revenue

First, and currently foremost, the money we donate to various charities comes from ad revenue. So please, if you use an ad-blocker, I ask you to put on your “whitelist.”

In reality, we don’t make a lot of money from this website as it is mostly used for improvements, donations and other needs for causes we support.

So you can rest easy knowing that every ad, banner and affiliate link you see goes to help charities.

Percentage of Sales and Commissions

Speaking of affiliate links, we even share the income from purchases made when you visit third-parties. However, we’re fairly particular when it comes to affiliates. And we only show products or services that we thoroughly enjoy.

In some cases, we’ll donate 100% of the affiliate sale depending on the situation or product.

Charity Drive Events for the Causes We Support

We love attending events held by our favorite organizations. As I said earlier, we attend Hallow-Baloo every year. But we also try to live stream during Extra Life’s 24-hours of gaming events.

During these events, we use money from ColoradoPlays as well as our own bank accounts to help the organization any way we can.

Setting Up Our Own Drives

In 2020, we started setting up our own charity drives for causes we support. For instance, in April, we’re doing a gaming drive for the Arbor Day Foundation.

It’s our belief that you don’t need a publically announced event from the charity to create your own.

Our Own Personal Donations

Usually, I’ll add in more than what our charity drives from my own pocket. So when you see the amount on the right side of this website state we’ve given so much to Extra Life, you know that I tossed in some of my own money as well.

We’re not what you would call rich, or even part of the middle class for that matter. However, we give what we can as long as we can do so without putting our own debts at risk.

And in the grand scheme of things, $5 is more $5 more than the charity had yesterday.

Awareness Through Blog Write-ups

One way we can help support causes is by creating awareness. And this is something that doesn’t cost us a lot in terms of a financial investment.

For instance, you never know how far a blog post can go. And if it’s shared on social media, word-of-mouth can take it all kinds of places. When you consider how some organizations have alerts set when they’re mentioned, a simple blog post can easily explode.

Now I’m not saying that every blog post you write about a charity is going to go viral. But, you can least inform followers and fans of what’s going on.

And sometimes, simple awareness can do magic for causes you support.

Suggest One to Us!

Do you have a cause we can support? Feel free to contact us on social media. We’ll be interested to see what causes you love most and possibly come up with a plan to help.

Even though this is a small blog, we dream big. And we’ll always do our part to help the causes we support.

Find Causes to Support

You don’t have to be a celebrity YouTuber or Twitch personality to make an impact on someone’s day. Sometimes even the smallest amounts can leave lasting impressions. Find your causes to support and make a difference in someone’s life.

Even if it’s just time, donations can be made in a myriad of ways.

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