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Quality Gaming: 8 Reasons I Love My Corsair K95 Keyboard

Every gamer has their preferred hardware when it comes to keyboards, mice, and headsets. Personally, I’m a fan of Corsair products. In fact, I am completely in love with my Corsair K95 Platinum keyboard. But not just from a gaming perspective.

I use the keyboard primarily for my job, which is as a freelance writer. Before you ask, no, I don’t turn on the RGB lighting when I’m just working on a client’s article or if I’m blogging.

Whether you like Corsair or not, I have to say that it’s one of the best keyboards I’ve ever owned. And I’ve owned a lot of keyboards over the years.

I’ve been building custom computers since 1994.

At any rate, let me share a bit about why I love this monster. Even though it’s a bit on the expensive side, it’s definitely earned its keep in my office.

What Makes the Corsair K95 Keyboard an Amazing Unit?

I’ve tried many cheap keyboards design for both practical use and gaming. And although I have to admit I haven’t tried all of the top-tier hardware, Corsair has easily won a special place on my desk.

While I do like flashy lights, LED lighting isn’t the only quality this device has built-in.

1. Mechanical Keyboard

Arguably, mechanical keyboards often have a higher lifespan than those that use membranes. This means they take longer to wear out overall.

Some would also say that they improve the typing experience, are more precise, and are more comfortable to use.

After using all kinds of keyboards, I would have to say that mechanical works far better for those of you who may write a lot of content.

2. Durable Aluminum Casing

The casing of the K95 Platinum keyboard is made of brushed aluminum, and Corsair did a great job with its design. This means it can take a bit more of a blow.

It’s not often that I’ve cracked a keyboard’s case, but it has happened in the past. And I’m not overly concerned if I accidentally drop it, which also has happened.

The bottom line is this thing is pretty tough compared to less expensive brands and models.

3. Series of Function Keys for Convenience

I love the “G” keys on the left. Because there are certain pieces of software I use for my regular job, it’s nice to just hit a key and load one up.

You’re able to program up to 6 apps to launch with just a press of the key in the iCue software. Not to mention setting up specific macros for all kinds of things.

From a professional standpoint, though, it’s a nice, convenient, time-saver to just hit a key and go.

4. Programmable RGB Lighting

iCue Settings

I know I said there are more qualities to the Corsair K95 keyboard than just LEDs. But I would be lying if the RGB effects weren’t part of the reason why I wanted this beautiful unit.

Using the iCue software, you can arrange a plethora of lighting effects for your keyboard. Currently, mine is set to cycle between purple and teal, my favorite colors.

You can literally set each key to be a distinct color if you’re bored enough.

5. Diablo III Effects Are Awesome!

I am a big fan of playing Diablo III…still. During gameplay, the K95 responds to in-game events. For example, if a set item drops, the keyboard flashes green. If a legendary item drops, it flashes gold.

When you go up in levels, the RGB lighting goes in a wave from bottom to top. It’ll even turn all of the keys red while keeping 1, 2, 3, 4, and Q, in white. These are the most common keys used in Diablo III.

I geeked out quite a bit when my keyboard flashed for the first time with an item drop.

6. Exceptional Overall Durability

The overall construction is such that it can take a hell of a lot of usage. For instance, The W, A, S, D keys usually wear out quickly on cheaper keyboards. I’ve had the Corsair K95 Platinum for a couple of years now, and the keys look like they did the day I opened the box.

Not to mention that Corsair included gripped keys if you want to swap them out.

After everything this keyboard has taken, it’s still as good today as it was the day I unpacked it. It’s been through moves, drops, spills, cats walking on it, countless hours of gameplay, and more.

It’s just a rugged piece of hardware that I can’t seem to kill. Even my Logitech crapped out quicker than this thing.

7. USB Expansion on Back

To use the Corsair K95 Platinum to its fullest, the keyboard needs two available USB slots on your computer. I was slightly concerned with this until I found the USB expansion slot on the back of the keyboard itself.

And I’ve plugged a lot of crap into it since then. USB drives, microphones, my Fitbit charger…right now, my ring light for streaming is plugged in.

This is quite a convenient feature, especially if your computer is on the floor under your desk like mine. It’s a pain in the ass to plug in new USB devices.

8. Super Easy to Clean

Lastly, I love how easy it is to clean this keyboard. You don’t have to fight the keys to remove them to get those bits of hair, food crumbs, or other gunk from underneath.

I can’t count the number of times I had to fight a keyboard to pop its keys off for a good cleaning. I’ve sent many keys flying across the room.

With the K95, they simply slide off and on. No fuss, no grunting, and no F1 key zipping through the air to hit my cat.

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Where Can You Find the Corsair K95 Platinum Keyboard?

The popularity of Corsair means you can pretty much find the K95 Platinum keyboard at most computer shops. This includes Microcenter, Best Buy, and I think I even saw them at Target? Maybe not, but they are moderately plentiful.

You can also pick up the K95 Platinum on Amazon.

Get Your Corsair K95 Platinum Keyboard Today!

Yes, the button above is an affiliate link, so I will earn a commission if you buy one. But still, I would write about this keyboard even if I didn’t have an affiliate account.

The K95 is far more than just a fancy light show.

One of the Best Keyboards I’ve Ever Had

I’m not kidding when I say that I’ve owned a lot of keyboards. And while the cheap “gaming” units may get you by, sometimes it’s worth spending the extra money for something that will last you.

I used to scoff when I would see the price tag on some of these higher-end units…until I actually started using one. Nowadays, I can’t see going back to a cheap keyboard from Walmart.

As the adage goes, “You get what you pay for.” And in this case, the Corsair K95 keyboard gives you quite a bit for your money.

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