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Dungeon Alchemist is Now Available for Early Access on Steam!

Last Updated on March 31, 2022 by Michael Brockbank

It’s been a while since I wrote about Dungeon Alchemist, and it’s finally available for Early Access. For those who need some awesome maps for RPGs, this is one you should consider picking up on Steam.

In fact, I plan on buying it myself in a couple of hours. Sigh…I still need to work today.

If it’s as cool as they claim on the YouTube channel, I have a LOT of setting up and playing around to do. After all, I plan on using it for more than just a campaign setting for D&D.

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What is the Early Access of Dungeon Alchemist?

Dungeon Alchemist piqued my interest a little over a year ago. And although I was skeptical about the Kickstarter program and how I was inundated with YouTube ads, I’m glad to see that my doubts were put to rest.

Well, sort of. Briganti (the developer of Dungeon Alchemist) has put my mind at ease for the Kickstarter program, but I’ve seen a lot of Early Access games stay in a perpetual state of development for years on end.

In any case, Dungeon Alchemist is an AI-powered development tool for making maps for fantasy role-playing games. It gives you the power to construct unique locations that can add flair to your campaigns, whether in-person or virtual.

The Early Access version of Dungeon Alchemist is essentially Briganti making good on its promise to deliver.

I know, I often sound a bit pessimistic when it comes to games in Early Access. But that’s only because I’ve been soured on the experience. I’m glad to see Briganti is continuing to put in the effort to make Dungeon Alchemist a great product.

Do I Plan on Buying the Early Access for Dungeon Alchemist?

As I’ve hinted, I plan on picking up Dungeon Alchemist as soon as I am done working for the day. I still have a lot of blog posts to edit, articles to plan, and tutorials to make for my clients.

In fact, I’ve been saving up specifically to buy this app as soon as it was released.

At $45, it’s a bit heavier than I’d like for an Early Access title. But I feel it’s worth rolling the dice in the hopes that the developer will keep working on the title. Especially since I have a lot of plans to put this creator through the wringer.

What Do I Plan to Do with the Early Access for Dungeon Alchemist?

As I am a Fantasy/Horror author, I plan on going much further than just a table-top experience. In fact, I think Dungeon Alchemist is going to assist in quite a few projects in the near future.

Dungeons & Dragons Play

First off, we are a D&D family. In fact, the kids are constantly bugging me to play some Dungeons & Dragons on any given weekend. As such, I plan on using Dungeon Alchemist to make those campaigns a bit more visually attractive.

Especially if the prints come out as nice as the video demonstrates. Of course, this means buying a decent printer.

At any rate, I love creating my own campaigns and plan on sharing a few as soon as I have the time to write them out. Bear in mind that I am an exceptionally busy individual on any given day.

Driving My Next Kindle Vella Series

One of my future interests involves writing Kindle Vella stories. Kindle Vella is Amazon’s version of a serialized story that readers can “unlock” using coins. It’s something that piqued my interest after I published my first book.

Anyway, my idea for Kindle Vella involves a story using actual roleplaying to determine where it goes. I’m even going so far as to roll the dice and use character sheets as I write the tale.

So, this means the bad guy can definitely win. Whatever happens, that’s how the story is going to play out. I may simply use our D&D gameplay as a basis for the story.

Dungeon Alchemist is going to help me set the tone of the tale.

Marketing and Creating My Current WIP

Currently, I am more than halfway through writing my next book. One of the problems I am having at the moment is remembering the layout of lands and buildings that I wrote about several chapters ago.

This means I often have to re-read everything I’ve written so I can make sure the story has proper continuity.

It’s my hope that the Early Access version of Dungeon Alchemist can help me remember how things are laid out. Depending on how fine the details are in the map-making app, I could make all kinds of specific adjustments.

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Keep in Mind, This is Not a Review…

I don’t usually write actual reviews until a game is out of Early Access. That’s because so much can change that would vastly alter the layout of the game, or in this case, the software interface.

Still, I wanted to go over it anyway because I have high hopes for Dungeon Alchemist to be something amazing, even in Early Access. So, only time will tell.

I just hope it doesn’t sit in this phase indefinitely, like so many other games I’ve come across.

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