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How Practical is the Ergatta Rower for Home Fitness?

Gamifying fitness is not necessarily new. But, with the current pandemic going on, many are finding more value in it today than ever before. And the Ergatta Rower is just another addition to working out at home while having fun.

That’s because gamification keeps the mind engaged in virtually any activity. It’s why I still play the Xbox Kinect and why fitness apps and wearable technology are doing so well in today’s market.

What is the Ergatta Rower

Essentially, the Ergatta Rower is a unit that connects you to a virtual gym. Much like the Peleton, it can display a variety of information while giving you something to enjoy while exercising.

And that’s the key to any workout equipment: being able to sustain your attention for longer than three months.

Raise your hands if you have an aunt who has workout DVDs collecting dust in the closet.

Using your physical movements, the Ergatta Rower detects personal performance. It then translates that into a virtual display which then delivers visual results. So, you can literally see your performance as you row.

We have something like this at the Westminster Rec Center, except you’re on a bike. You can actually ride real paths from around the world. Though, it’s not as intuitive or feature-rich as a Peleton.

If you’re curious, you can:

Check Out Ergatta’s Website

Connected Home Gyms

A virtual gym environment is ideal for many people. It gives you the chance to work out on your own or join online classes without worrying about people staring at you.

And yes, when that creepy old guy in the corner won’t take his eyes off of you with that “slasher” look in his eyes, it’s a bit concerning, to say the least.

The Ergatta Rower is but another addition to the growing list of home-based workout equipment.

According to Tom Aulet, CEO of Ergatta,

In three to five years, we are going to be looking at compelling content, and it will not always be instructors, it will be gaming…

says the co-founder in a Crunchbase article.

Essentially, Tom wants more gaming content to really engage the user. That’s because gamification of exercise works. The more ways to play and thrilling the experience, the more likely people will keep using the product.

And I stand by my point that if Microsoft put in more effort to fine-tune and market the Kinect, it would still be a money-maker today.

In reality, I think there should be more home-based gym equipment that connects you to a larger audience for direct competition or shared fun and games. Maybe even make an eSports event out of the experience.

At any rate, it has potential to connect you to new friends or to workout with family half-way across the world.

Easy and Aesthetic Storage

Easy to Store

One of the attractions to the Ergatta Rower is the aesthetics. It’s a wooden construct that appears more like living room furniture than a piece of workout equipment.

Well, kind of like a lounge chair with a fishbowl underneath.

Still, it doesn’t appear to have that “gym” look and can fold up nicely to fit in a variety of locations. However, it’s not exactly practical for those living in a smaller space, such as an apartment or smaller house.

And that’s one of the things that bothers me most about home-based exercise equipment. Most commercials show people with much larger living rooms than I’ve ever had in the past.

With the exception of the house I’m in now, something like the Ergatta Rower would never fit in any of the rooms of previous homes and apartments.

But if you have the square footage, it might be something to consider adding to your home workout equipment. As long as you can afford it, anyway.

Speaking of money…

How Much is the Ergatta Rower?!?

As of me writing this article, the unit has a hefty $1,999 price tag! Now, for some of you, $2k might be something you can easily afford. But for someone like me, as well as 60% of the country, two grand is a bit much.

Right now, I’d rather spend the money on a decent bed that lets me get a full night’s rest for a change.

That’s perhaps the second biggest issue I have with equipment like this and the Peleton. They seem more targetted for those who have the money to blow. In the real world, though, most of us don’t really make that much.

Hence the reason why credit exists in the first place.

This means that if you don’t have the $2k to drop on the Ergatta Rower right now, you’ll wind up paying more than $2400 over the long-term depending on the interest rate of your credit card.

And for a lot of people, an extra $400 is the difference between buying food for the family or paying several bills for the month.

Would I Ever Own an Ergatta Rower?

I am intrigued about the unit and curious as to the gamification aspect. However, I don’t know if I can save up the $1,999 to buy one outright. After all, I have a lot more important things to buy.

For instance, the bed I talked about before. The one I’m using now feels like a brick with a blanket draped across the top. And, I need a new work computer for my office as well as a few medical things to cover.

Perhaps in a few years, after I buy the priority things I need, I might consider picking up an Ergatta Rower. Maybe by then, the price could come down a bit. Or, I can take a look for a used one on eBay.

But at this very moment, I would have to say, “Probably not.” It’s just not a practical expense compared to everything else I need in the home.

Would You Buy an Ergatta Rower?

While this workout equipment does have a lot of interesting qualities, I can’t say that it’s overtly practical for the common person working in today’s world. But, that’s just my opinion.

You might find it to be of great quality and ready to sign up today.

Do you have plans to buy the Ergatta Rower, or any virtual workout device? Let me know in the comments down below. I’d love to hear your opinion.

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