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Extra Life 2024: Starting My 11th Year of Participation

I’ve been supporting Extra Life for quite some time, and 2024 marks my 11th year of participation. I first started shortly after my daughter had an acute asthma attack and Children’s Hospital worked some miracles. Since then, I’ve done what I could to help out so other families can get the support they need.

This is especially true given the political climate nowadays. Organizations like Extra Life need all the help they can get.

Although I haven’t been able to generate a lot of donations to Extra Life, I’m hoping 2024 will be a banner year for myself as well as ColoradoPlays.

Donations from the Blog

One of the biggest reasons why this blog exists is to help generate donations for Extra Life. In fact, 30% of all income I make from anything related to goes directly to the charity.

I would donate more, but I need to use the extra money to help keep this site online while paying a few bills. Otherwise, I can’t continue to keep it live and will have to shift that time to more client work.

As I intend to fix up the blog and get the content back up to date, I’m hoping 2024 will help generate quite a few donations for Extra Life. Of course, this is in addition to giving as much as I can each month, personally.

Needless to say, all of the blog posts you read on this site help me generate ad revenue and potential sales so I can donate even more. So, feel free to explore all the site has to offer – which I am hoping will be significant before the year ends.

During the Extra Life event in November, 100% of all income generated from the blog is donated from that weekend the following Monday.

Donations from Live Streams

On Twitch and YouTube, we have the link directly to our Extra Life home page for 2024. Obviously, those donations are direct to the charity. However, we also donate 30% of anything given to use personally to Extra Life.

That’s not including the event in November when 100% of everything is given to the organization.

As we’re also working on the merch store, we’ll donate 30% of the profits from anything we sell at any time. I would donate a third of the total sales, but we don’t make much on merchandise as it is. Donating 30% of a sale would mean giving more than we’re making, and we just don’t have the bankroll for that.

Nonetheless, there is always something going to Extra Life should we make money during any live stream. I doubt we’ll be able to monetize the YouTube channel in 2024, but we’ll still donate a portion of everything to Extra Life should we start making any kind of income.

Donations from Book Sales?!?

If you’re unaware, I am an indie author. In 2023, I published my first dark fantasy novel will more planned for the series. Throughout the year, I will have events where I will donate 50% of my royalties to Extra Life.

Yes, I am aware that a new author has as much chance of making a few sales from a book as he or she would by winning the Power Ball. But it’s just another way to show my commitment to Extra Life in 2024.

Besides, it’s A) for a worthy cause, and B) promoting myself as an author.

This year, I also plan on doing a bit of fan fiction for the Fallout universe. However, I won’t be able to monetize those without getting sued. Still, I’ll promote them on this blog anyway considering that it’s somewhat related to gaming.

Who knows? Perhaps the fan fiction can help this blog generate a bit of ad revenue to donate to Extra Life.

Gotta Lotta Blog Work Ahead

I’ve been wanting to fix up this blog for quite some time. What usually slows me down is the fact that I also have four other blogs to work on, three YouTube channels, a podcast, writing another book, and client work that I complete on a weekly basis.

Still, I want this site to reach the glorious growth it was having back in 2018.

Seriously, I still have broken images on some of the tutorials from when I transferred the site from Hostgator. It’s a long story, but let’s just say that I will never again trust Hostgator with any web development or hosting.

Anyway, the plan is to surpass traffic numbers of 2023. That means this site needs at least 80 visits per day. Considering that in 2018 it was getting 219, I know it’s possible.

I would love for this website to start handing over $100 each month to Extra Life in 2024. I know that’s a bit unrealistic, especially given how much I still have to fix. Regardless of how much the site makes, it would be nice to donate more than $12 this year in total.

Keep in mind that it’s a lot of work for just one person to manage. But I am up to the challenge and looking forward to seeing what happens.

Let’s Make Extra Life 2024 a Record Breaker!

The record for ColoradoPlays to beat throughout the year is $71.00 set back in 2019. We’re off to a slow start, but it’s possible if we put in the effort to make something happen.

There is a lot of work ahead of us. Yet, we’re committed to helping out with what we can. It’s going to be a long year, but hopefully a good one for donations.

Michael Brockbank
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Michael Brockbank

Michael developed ColoradoPlays to help various charities through his favorite pastime. Since then, the blog and Twitch channels have donated several hundred dollars to Extra Life, Geeks of Grandeur and Operation Supply Drop, to name a few.