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Fat Cats, Westminster, CO: All In One Fun for the Family Review

Last Updated on February 8, 2024 by Michael Brockbank

I was recently able to head out to Fat Cats in Westminster thanks to my brother and my birthday. In retrospect, I cannot believe I haven’t taken my children to this facility yet. Maybe it was because I wasn’t aware it existed. At any rate, I found this to be a great place for family entertainment.

What is Fat Cats?

UPDATE: If you don’t have a lot of money, don’t go on the weekends. For four of us for two hours of play, it was going to cost nearly $80! That’s a bit much for me to afford. However, the deals during the week may be worth giving it a try.

Fat Cats is a small all-in-one entertainment center that is primed for the younger audience. It delivers bowling, mini golf, a handful of arcade games and a couple of other small components that give it a bit of flexibility.

If you need something to snack on or looking for an actual meal, the restaurant addition provides a basic menu. You can find things like burgers, chicken and pizza all with decent pricing for the amount of food.

I did notice a set of pool tables located at Fat Cats, but no one was playing. That may have to do with billiards not being a game sought after by children. This gives something parents to do while the kids are bowling or putting in the mini golf area, though.

One of the games my daughter found the most fun was the laser maze. Essentially, you have to bend and wiggle your way through a maze of laser beams without breaking the circuit. It’s kind of like the movie, “Entrapment” as Catherine Zeta-Jones finagled her way through a series of lasers.

How Expensive is Fat Cats?

Because of the summer deal that is going on, a party of four was able to bowl two games and buy a pair of socks for just over $14. However, the normal pricing of the facility is quite a bit high, especially on the weekend.

The meals are also on par for what you would find within a built-in restaurant, but I was quite impressed with the amount of food you get. As I am trying to watch what I eat, it was difficult not to stuff myself with chicken tenders and onion rings.

Is Fat Cats Easily Accessible?

Fat Cats has a great deal of parking available. Part of that is because it shares a location with a few other establishments. Maybe it was because we came in on a Monday afternoon, parking was quite ample. I would like to visit during the weekend and see how much of a madhouse this place can be.

While the bowling alley does have quite a bit of room between stations and tables, I can see how the lobby of the facility can act as a bottleneck for foot traffic. Luckily, we visited on a Monday so the traffic was minimal.

Perhaps the key component to access is where you can find Fat Cats. Its location next to busy highways and roads makes it easy to get to regardless of where you’re coming from in Colorado.

What is the Engagement Factor?

Fat Cats is more than just a bowling alley. There are a handful of other components that can stand alone in their own rights. For instance, the “glowing” mini golf course upstairs is an ultraviolet-lit area where the course, and some of the balls, are quite apparent. It was something I’ve never done before, and my 12-year-old thought it was amazing.

The only problem I had was that the bowling alley was a bit more difficult to manage. Between mediocre polished floors and rubber heals on my shoes, it took me a few frames to adapt to find proper footing.

I am used to gliding across the floor when releasing the ball, something I found to be quite difficult to do here. I started to get my flow back by the middle of the second game, though.

The entire facility seems to focus more on the younger consumer. Between an explosion of color and the games offered, I can see how kids under 13 would find this place simply amazing. This isn’t to say adults can’t have fun. I had a great time bowling and playing golf while celebrating my 41st birthday.

How Does it Rate for Fitness?

The aspect of bowling is actually a good addition to fitness. Everything else keeps you on your feet. With the exception of the few video games in the front lobby, most activities have some sort of movement. In reality, I burned about as many calories at Fat Cats as I did while playing Top Golf.

As kids need health and fitness as much as adults, Fat Cats is a great place to help them burn off some calories.

How is the Customer Service?

As our visit was during the summer, the facility was full of teens probably working summer jobs. In fact, I am almost certain there wasn’t a person working there over the age of 20. Despite the age gap, I was quite impressed with the professionalism of the employees.

Although the staff was collectively young, they did a good job serving everyone’s needs. There seemed to be a good flow of teamwork between the employees, and I felt quite comfortable that they were competent at their jobs.

However, it did take the maintenance staff a bit of time to get to us as our lane was stuffed with a lot of bowling balls stuck in the return. I don’t know how we did it, but there were quite a few balls jammed in the system.

Why Would You Want to Visit Fat Cats?

There’s no doubt the bowling alley inside the facility is its major attraction. Most of the square footage of the building belongs to the bowling alley itself. However, the business does a semi-decent job trying to add a few more elements to give patrons something else to do.

The facility itself is clean and I was quite comfortable having my family within the establishment.

If you’re looking for a good family activity to get the body moving and playing games, Fat Cats is a great option.

Where is It Located?

You can find Fat Cats in one of the nicer areas of Westminster. It’s easily accessible from Highway 36 or Westminster Boulevard and 104th.

I’ll get some fresh images of the establishment as soon as I can.

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