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Gamifying Fitness

One of the things we focus on at ColoradoPlays is how to gamify fitness. This is when you make exercising fun as it helps you stay consistent for your health.

After all, exercise has been linked to improving brain power. So, theoretically, staying fit will contribute to eSports.

Like a running back for your favorite football team works out even during the off-season, anyone in competitive gaming would have an edge if they focus on physical health as much as the game itself.

Gaming for Fitness

I am currently building up a library of devices and games that are ideal for fitness and physical activity. This includes things like the Oculus Quest 2, Xbox Kinect, and anything else that can get your heart rate up that is “fun.”

Below is a list of games that I’ve tested while using the Fitbit Charge 5 to record calorie-burn data. I’ve arranged them in how much I can burn per minute. I also display the console and any links to the games if you want to read up a bit on them.

This is an ever-growing list as I buy and play more titles. If you have any suggestions for consoles or games, feel free to hit us up on social media or stop by our live streams on YouTube at 7 pm Mountain Time on Sundays.

Why Worry About Gamifying Fitness?

Now, I’m not pushing some kind of “fatphobic” agenda. Live however you want. Nonetheless, there is no denying that health and fitness can contribute to an improved quality of life.

I know I geek out when I pick things up that were once too heavy. Not to mention preventing my heart from stopping again. When you get to be my age, taking care of yourself becomes a high priority.

Well, unless you plan on checking out 20 years sooner.

Keeps You Engaged

First of all, gamification is a process that has been found to be incredibly beneficial across most industries. When you “gamify” a seemingly mundane chore, you’re more apt to continue doing it.

This is because most people will continue an activity they find fun.

It all depends on how you approach health and fitness. If you’re not looking forward to doing push-ups, running a 7-minute mile, or lifting a pair of dumbbells, you’re far less likely to keep doing those things.

When you turn physical activity into a game while having fun, you’re improving your health overall without actually thinking about it. And if you find a game you love, it’s far easier to maintain physical activity throughout the year.

In reality, I’ve lost more than 80 pounds by finding ways to gamify fitness. And yes, my quality of life has increased significantly.

Improving Gameplay

As I said before, physical activity improves brain function. This helps everything from memory to processing information. Can you think of an organ in your body that is more relevant for the average gamer?

Well, aside from your fingers and thumbs.

Whether you’re in a team competition while playing League of Legends or teeing off in real life on the golf course, fitness plays a critical role in skill.

Longer Lifespan

Perhaps the most important reason to gamify fitness is to keep yourself alive longer. Depending on your weight, your life can be shortened anywhere from five to 20 years.

Mine was nearly cut off in 2016.

It has less to do with how people perceive you on social media and more to do with living as long as you can. Personally, I like the idea of being that “fit grandpa” over the next 20 to 30 years.

Give Yourself a Competitive Edge

So, will gamifying fitness instantly turn you into a top-tier player in your game of choice? Nope. You still need to practice that particular game to get good. However, you’ll have an edge by exercising regularly over someone who does not.

If you have some doubts, look at the top players in any competition. Very few of them are considered obese.

Do what you can to improve your gameplay by getting more physical. Your brain will thank you for it.

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