Fallout 76 and Why I am Excited to Play It

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I’ve been waiting for weeks regarding Fallout 76 and what it will entail. I even set my alarm to go off before the live stream on Twitch from E3 so I wouldn’t miss out. And what I learned has me a bit excited with a bit of skepticism and worry.

I was one of the 380,000 plus viewers on Bethesda’s live stream on Twitch. And it was the first time I watched a live E3 show. While I wasn’t overly impressed with the opening act of Andrew WK for Rage 2, the Fallout segment was worth the wait.

At least, it was for me.
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The Premise Behind Fallout 76

Fallout 76 is a prequel to the franchise timeline. It is set 25 years after the nuclear bombs dropped across the landscape. It’s one of the first vaults to open after the great war, and you are tasked with kick-starting humanity.

The landscape is the hills of West Virginia on “Reclamation Day,” the holiday in Fallout 76 announcing when humanity leaves the fault to retake the world.

The map for Fallout 76 is four times larger than it is in Fallout 4. This creates for a vast landscape to explore as the Boston area in the most recent game isn’t exactly a small back yard.

The game is split into six distinct regions and includes much of the folk lore related to West Virginia, such as the Mothman and the Wendigo.

The landscape is far more green than what you’ll be used to. By green, I mean living plant life. It’s not the barren wasteland we’ve seen in other Fallout titles. Some speculate to this being the case of a very slow death from radiation poisoning.

Eventually, the plants will die off and give us the landscape we’ve explored in previous games.

Single and Multiplayer Layout

Fallout 76 is entirely online. However, you have the option to play it as a solo game or team up with friends to reclaim the wasteland as a group.

The way it was described, it reminds me a lot like GTA Online. You can group up to play with strangers and friends but you also have the option to play in an extensive solo game.

This has me a bit worried as GTA Online isn’t known for friendliness. I can’t walk around for five minutes without some random person trying to run me over or blowing me up with a sticky mine.

To top it all off, players have access to nuclear missiles they can launch at other factions of players. I get the feeling we’ll see a never ending barrage of explosions after the first week or two.

On the other hand, if Bethesda does model Fallout 76 similar to GTA Online, players should be able to enter private games with friends to accomplish missions.

But we won’t know for sure until it’s released.

Unlike other MMO games, the multiplayer feature will only be limited to a couple dozen players per server. So the entire map isn’t going to be full of online douche bags who kill you for the sake of hearing their gun go off.

Again, this is similar to how GTA Online operates as I rarely see more than 30 people on a server at a time.
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Base Building

I know a lot of people didn’t like the base building aspect of Fallout 4. Personally, it’s one of my favorite parts of the game. I am a builder, which is why I loved DayZ Epoch and still play Minecraft.

From the small clips shown at E3, the base building function is far more elaborate than it is in Fallout 4. Brick walls with windows and more can be seen going into place as someone builds a house.

One thing I like is the fact you can build where ever you want in Fallout 76. Previously, you were limited to building in settlement areas.

However, this poses a problem. For instance, players have a habit of building elaborate bases near popular loot spawn points in other games. This makes for a hell of a mess on the streets and increases the difficulty of players accomplishing certain tasks.

I’m not sure how Bethesda will resolve this issue, or even if they will. But it’s one thing that annoyed the hell out of me in games like H1Z1 and DayZ Epoch.

Equipment Customization?

In the preview, you can see five players standing on a ridge. Each one had a different appearance in armor styles as well as colors. I assume this means customization is going to be something huge in Fallout 76.

This is one feature I like about Fallout 4 as you’re able to customize weapons to fit your play style and abilities. For example, I turned one combat rifle into an automatic while converting an identical weapon into a sniper rifle.

Although its predecessor does well for providing customizable builds for equipment, I hope Fallout 76 expands on it. There is still so much Bethesda can add to the functionality of certain items.

What About Super Mutants and the Enclave?

Mutants will be seen in Fallout 76. I suspect part of the missions in this iteration of the franchise will include a precursor to the Forced Evolutionary Virus, or FEV, which created the super mutants in the first place.

Perhaps a first-generation style mutant.

According to the Fallout timeline, mutant attacks began well before Vault 76 opens.

As for the Enclave, the organization was established before the bombing in 2077. It’s safe to assume we might see some of the Enclave in Fallout 76 although it may be limited. The Enclave was pretty quiet in their development of tech for nearly 100 years.

Not Eveyone’s Cup of Tea

From the fast-paced Twitch chat, it looks as though a lot of people are against the idea of going online and the layout of Fallout 76. I can understand the apprehension. But as long as there is a full and in-depth solo experience, I don’t think it will be all that bad.

As long as there’s more content than Battlefront 2, it should be a good game.

Then again, I like pretty much anything with the Fallout name attached to it. However, I just don’t know until the game actually comes out and I have a chance to play it for myself.[template id=”543″]

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