February Donations to Extra Life: Already Beat 2018s Record

Last Updated on February 25, 2019 by Michael Brockbank

In February of 2019, we donated $9.90 generated from the website. This is exceptionally exciting as it surpasses last year’s entire record of $7.57! Although the blog doesn’t really make tons of money, it’s a step in the right direction.

I know, $10 really isn’t an overwhelming amount of money. However, it helps motivate us to try to put more effort into growing this into something more. And since we get about three payouts per year from AdSense, we’ll easily shatter last year’s record.[template id=”145″]

Why Do We Donate?

I’ve always been one to help anyone who needs it. Even as the CEO of a computer company, I sacrificed my own pay to make sure my staff had what they needed. I figured as long as I can pay my own bills, it was money better suited to help someone else.

And in a world where funding isn’t always a guarantee for places like Children’s Hospital or the Children’s Miracle Network, any little bit helps.

This is aside from the fact that I had my own baby girl placed in Children’s Hospital due to an acute asthma attack. When her little lips turned blue, it scared me half to death!

The nurses and doctors at the hospital were nothing short of amazing. Which is why I wanted to make sure I contribute what I can when possible.

I’m not a rich man, and I wish I can give more. Which is why I built this blog to center around contributing to charities. I make enough in my personal life to cover most expenses and bills.

How Do I Distribute the Money?

Funding the site generates goes to improvements and donations.

For example, I generated $109 from AdSense over the last couple of months. About $33 or so of it was generated from this blog. So, this is how I distributed the recent payout:

  • $9.90 to Extra Life (30% of what this blog generated from October of 2018.)
  • $90 to VidIQ – to help me create videos on YouTube and possibly promote greater success.
  • $10 to stock investments – to help generate a few dividends to help in site maintenance, upgrades and other promotional needs.

Most income from AdSense includes my other blogs as well, but I keep a close eye on what ColoradoPlays.com generates.

Until I can pull in a full-time income, the vast majority of any money made through AdSense goes to improving the site and business model.

In fact, the payout from AdSense prior to this one was used at a silent auction to benefit Geeks of Grandeur, another amazing charity organization which benefits children.

Getting Motivated By You

The people who visit the site and engage in the content are who helps keep me motivated. While I haven’t had the most stellar of performance over the last couple of months, I was tickled to see that we surpasses last year’s donation to Extra Life.

This helps light a fire under my butt to kick it into gear.

Even those in my personal life are contributing to helping me stay focused as of late. And I would love to completely destroy last year’s record to Extra Life…which already looks as though it will happen.

But if you have any ideas regarding the type of content you want to see, or videos you want to watch on the YouTube channel, please feel free to comment down below.

You can also reach me on the Facebook or Twitter accounts for Colorado Plays.

I’m always interested in hearing from those who visit the site…even if it’s to provide an alternative viewpoint or critique something I or one of my helpers has posted.

Are We Really Going to Start Doing More?

I know I keep saying we’re going to do more with ColoradoPlays.com. And I’m really trying to get back into a good groove managing everything we want to do.

Although I’ve had quite a few setbacks as of late, it’s still my intention to at least get the Twitch channel running again. I just need to really put my foot down on my own slackiness and do it.

Sam is only here on the weekends, so I essentially have to keep myself focused on building up the website and the channel.

And while I am far better on a Twitch stream when interacting with someone else, I do have a lot of fun just playing and chatting with viewers by myself.

The point is that I am going to push myself as much as possible to make more out of Colorado Plays. I just need to do something about the various distractions that I come across throughout the day.[template id=”505″]

What Are Some Goals for March 2019?

As part of trying to stay motivated and focused, I’m going to start setting monthly goals that I want to achieve. This means I’ll create a blog post once per month regarding these goals and whether or not I, or we, succeeded.

After all, the more I can do with Colorado Plays, the more help I can provide to charities like Extra Life.

So, what are we going to focus on for March?

  • More Site Content – at least 10 blog posts.
    Adding more articles to the blog is a no-brainer. Obviously content will drive visitors. I just need to create stuff people will want to read.
  • Stream at Least 3 Days a Week
    I want to get back into the Sunday, Wednesday, Thursday streaming schedule on Twitch. Since we have enough subscribers, this might help us reach affiliate status by the end of the month.
  • Create at Least One YouTube Video
    Until we hammer out exactly what type of videos we want to focus on, I want to get something on the channel. I have a few ideas, and maybe we’ll just let viewers decide for us what type of content works best.
  • Add At Least Two Designs to the Merch Store
    Currently, the only thing listed on the Streamlabs Merch store is a coffee mug and tank top with our logo on them. I would like to spend a bit of time and design a couple other layouts to help pique the interest of potential buyers.

Every one of these goals only works to improve what Colorado Plays can do for charities like Extra Life. Now the trick is to maintain them and get serious about the process.

This means I need to stay focused on my work day.

Working for the Future

Although February’s payout already broke our record for donations to Extra Life in 2018, I don’t want to lose the momentum. Even though it’s a small drop in the bucket compared to other organizations, it’s something we believe in.

So here’s to a brilliant future as we try to stay the course to build this into something spectacular.[template id=”543″]

Michael Brockbank
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Michael Brockbank

Michael developed ColoradoPlays to help various charities through his favorite pastime. Since then, the blog and Twitch channels have donated several hundred dollars to Extra Life, Geeks of Grandeur and Operation Supply Drop to name a few.