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I’m a fan of any charity that uses gaming as a way to engage others. And today, I am taking a closer look at Geeks of Grandeur. And next to Extra Life, it’s probably among my favorite charities here in Colorado.

In fact, I can see how Geeks of Grandeur and Extra Life are somewhat linked overall. It’s definitely something you might want to consider taking a look at for yourself.[template id=”145″]

Who are Geeks of Grandeur?

Geeks of Grandeur has their hands in a few different pies, all for the benefit of the less fortunate. It’s more than just giving money to a hospital…much more.

In fact, I might have to volunteer with the group myself.

Geeks of Grandeur is a small organization putting in the time to bring enjoyment to kids. It’s one of the biggest reasons why I got into Extra Life several years ago.

I’m all about helping the little ones, and this organization offers a lot in that regard.

What Does the Organization Do?

Although giving money to support charities for children is a worthy goal, Geeks of Grandeur takes it a step further.

Gaming Carts

One of the things this organization does that stand out to me is building medical-grade gaming carts. These units are donated to hospitals for children who are currently patients.

And to top it all off, they supply VR and portable systems to meet various game play needs and requirements. For instance, a gaming cart is probably not as efficient as a hand-held device in certain situations.

This is invaluable from the viewpoint of a child. Think about it…how often are you bored out of your mind while laying in a hospital bed? There’s only so much you can watch on public access television.

Now amplify that by 10 and that’s how a child might feel.

It’s all about taking the mind off of the current situation. Stress can make healing far more difficult in the long run. Providing an element to engage the child such as a video game can help in relaxation while giving the body a better chance to repair itself. [note]NCBI –[/note]

Cosplay for the Kids

Children love the idea of seeing their favorite character come to life. Which is why a lot of people dress up to bring that joy to a young mind. I mean really, look at the lines of kids ready to sit on Santa’s lap.

Geeks of Grandeur add the role of cosplay to their services to bring a smile to the faces of many. This is probably one of those things I am most interested in, personally.

Currently, I am working on losing the last 30 pounds of my weight so I can dress up as Captain America for Halloween. Why not take it a step further and donate time to inspire those who need it most?

Of course right now, I could cosplay as a younger version of John Goodman. And actually, I accidentally dressed myself up to be a near-perfect persona of Mr. Goodman’s role in The Big Lebowski.

Not exactly what I am looking for, but it would be fun to dress up as game characters in the near future.

Charity Drives and Events

Geeks of Grandeur host events and various charity drives to support their cause. For example, there is an open bar and get together on October 27, 2018. This includes an ending raffle and valet services.

Feel like a pro in Mario Cart? For $10 you can get into the tournament that night as well.

It’s events like this that also pique my interest. For one thing, I am always complaining how I don’t get out enough. And attending this event may be something worthwhile for myself as well as the children.

Since it’s on a Saturday, I am sure I can probably make it…even if I have to Uber.

This isn’t the only event like this, however. Geeks of Grandeur often set up things to engage the adults as a fundraiser. I’ve even come across a few Google Search results of the organization selling things on eBay.

It’s kind of how I use 30% of anything this website makes as donations to Extra Life. Coincidentally, there is going to be another blogging payout next month…which is even greater than the last.[template id=”505″]

Where is Geeks of Grandeur Located?

The organization is based in Colorado. However, I haven’t found a kind of base of operations for Geeks of Grandeur. However, you can reach them directly by using the email: [email protected].

If I find any more information about an office or other establishment, I’ll edit this post.

Why Support Geeks of Grandeur?

First off, I support anyone who helps children. Remember, this is why I completely support Extra Life. And now that I know Geeks of Grandeur is out there, I will probably put in some support for this organization as well.

I remember when I had to take my very young daughter to Children’s Hospital because of an acute asthma attack. As a parent, it’s ultra-difficult to face a situation that you have no control over.

I couldn’t do anything to help my baby girl and her lips were turning Pepsi Can Blue.

Luckily, the doctors were able to help her. Now she’s an obnoxious teenager, but at least she’s healthy. The amount of fear that swept over me was maddening. I felt so helpless and powerless to do anything to help her.

Anyway, organizations like this helped keep my daughter going by improving hospitals and offerings.

How Can You Help?

Geeks of Grandeur is very small compared to other organizations out there. However, you can get in touch with them through the website or by emailing them from the address above.

You can also check out their social profiles for more information about how you can contribute.

If you want to donate directly, you can use the PayPal link on their website.

Personally, I might offer my time as a superhero or attend more of their events. If anything, it sounds like a lot of fun to help make children feel more comfortable with their own issues.

It’s More that Just Gaming

Geeks of Grandeur go beyond simple gaming. Although offering a distraction can help facilitate recovery, more can go into the process than just virtual stimulation.

Between the cosplay, game equipment and fundraising, Geeks of Grandeur is definitely among my favorite gaming heroes in Colorado.[template id=”543″]

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Michael Brockbank

Michael developed ColoradoPlays to help various charities through his favorite pastime. Since then, the blog and Twitch channels have donated several hundred dollars to Extra Life, Geeks of Grandeur and Operation Supply Drop to name a few.