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7 Days to Fallout 76 BETA: Letting the Pawns Go First

Last Updated on October 23, 2018 by Michael Brockbank

Fallout 76 BETA launches for Xbox One today, October 23, 2018. In a week, us PC and Playstation 4 players will have a crack at the game. And although it’s a bit disappointing the Xbox One Players go first, sometimes it’s best to sacrifice the pawns.

After the massive issue Maxis had launching Sim City, sadly, many game developers saw it as a warning shot. It’s what happens when you don’t properly prepare for popularity and server load.

And letting other systems go before I get my hands on the game hopefully helps rectify many of those issues.[template id=”145″]

Why I’m OK with Letting Xbox Go First

I don’t have an Xbox One. Besides, I highly doubt I would buy any Fallout title even if I did. That’s because I’m not a fan of first-person-shooter games using a controller.

Call me old-fashioned, but I need the “WASD” keys and a mouse. I’ll play some games with a controller, such as GTA 5 when racing. But I always return back to keyboard and mouse layouts when not behind the wheel of a car.

Besides, there are a few other points to letting Xbox players experience the game first.

Troubleshooting Issues

Now I know that not all issues experienced during the BETA for Xbox will be the same on a PC for the Fallout 76 BETA. However, certain aspects of the server might. And letting other consoles go first may improve my experience next week.

Server lag and other adjustments may be ironed out a bit better when PC and Playstation 4 get their hands on the game.

Of course this is a bit of speculation, but I can dream.

Preview Before Buying

I am often an impulse buyer, especially when I have money to spare. And since Fallout 76 BETA comes out for PC the day I get paid, I’ll surely jump on it. That is, unless I see something that seriously dissuades me.

Otherwise, I might wait a few months for things to get fixed or changed. Hell, I waited more than two and a half years before I bought Fallout 4…and it is still a bit buggy.

And since everyone and their Tamagotchi is going to stream Fallout 76 on Twitch, I’ll have a chance to browse the game before making that financial commitment.

Although, I am pretty sure that short of a massive server crash and/or player hacking that I’ll wind up buying Fallout 76 BETA anyway.

It’s a Different Experience

Another point I’d like to make refers back to what I said earlier about controller play. For me, it’s a completely different experience between keyboard and mouse versus a hand-held unit.

Why does this matter?

Because for me, I really don’t feel like I’m missing out on anything. Letting the other consoles go first just gives me something to watch later. I’m not that into console games outside of retro systems anyway.

I don’t Need to Be the First

Too many players want to be the first to earn achievements, find secrets and enjoy the game. In reality, all this gives you is bragging rights…nothing more. I am a patient man and am comfortable to let the hardcore fanatics do their thing.

Don’t get me wrong, being the first to play something is kind of fun. You help shape the game and help get the word out for the developer.

I was involved in the closed beta test of World of Warships, and it was a blast.

But in the long run, being the first to do something really isn’t what drives me to play a game.

Besides, the first ones are usually the players who wind up having all the problems at launch, like I mentioned earlier. For me, the stress of games crashing just isn’t worth it.

Which is another reason why I am OK with not buying a new game until months or even years after it comes out.

Let the developer fix it first.[template id=”505″]

What About the Negative Hype?

Currently, there is a lot of negative overviews of Fallout 76. In fact, YouTube is full of them. And although many may come from reputable sources, keep in mind that most “reviews” are based on personal experience.

Just because one person had a negative experience doesn’t mean everyone will.

It’s All About Player Perspective

It all boils down to a single person’s perspective of a game. For instance, I watch SidAlpha and Jim Sterling quite a bit on YouTube. And although I value their opinions, sometimes we disagree on games.

And that’s OK.

A review is just a person’s experience regarding a topic to help guide your own judgement, not rule it.

Back in the day, some of my favorite movies flopped in regards to the critics.

One Man’s Trash is Another Man’s Fat Man

Do you think Minecraft is the greatest game ever made? A lot of people do. Personally, I love the game. But I’m a hardcore builder and crafter.

Not everyone is going to view Fallout 76 BETA in a positive light. The thing you need to remember is that every player is different.

For me, I might love the game a bit too much simply because I can build things in it. It’s one of the reasons why I like Fallout 4 so much. But I know a lot of players who hate the micromanagement and construction aspect of Fallout 4.

Coincidentally, many of these people also view Battle Royales as the end-all, be-all of gaming. And I hate Battle Royale style games.

Does that meant that either of us are wrong? No. It’s all in a matter of what you get from a game. If you feel fulfilled by the crafting aspect of Fallout 76 BETA, then the game for you is a success.

If you like running around shooting people without a plot and focused purely on nonsensical violence which has no real point other than to be the last man standing, Battle Royale games are probably you’re cup of tea.

My point is that you shouldn’t put all of your stock in a game based on the opinions of a YouTuber, Twitch streamer or even a blogger.

Take what they say into account, but don’t let it take over your own thoughts, likes and concerns.

Saving My Pennies

At one point, I thought I was going to despise Fallout 3 because of its first-person layout. I guess I was too much of a purist as Fallout was always an overhead view strategy game.

In the end, it wound up being one of my all-time favorite games.

So, I’ll save my money for the Fallout 76 BETA release for PC next week. Who knows, it may take over my life more than Diablo III has recently.

Though I doubt anything will consume more of my time than the days of calling in sick to work so I could play EverQuest.[template id=”543″]

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