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How to Add Your Streamlabs Merch Store Products

Last Updated on September 21, 2019 by Michael Brockbank

The Streamlabs Merch Store is a way to help broadcasters make a few bucks from branded items. It has a lot of potential, and is easy to get started. In fact, it only takes minutes to add your first merch store products.

In reality, the hardest part is getting people to buy your goods in the first place. And I’ll go over a few methods to do this in a moment.

In this tutorial, I am going to show you how to easily add Streamlabs Merch Store products to your selling page. It’s perhaps one of the easiest elements to set up.[template id=”145″]

1. Set Up Your Payment Method

First, you will need a method in which Streamlabs sends you money. If you haven’t set up donations for Twitch yet, you’ll need to add this right now.

After all, you can’t expect to make money if Streamlabs has nowhere to send it.

If you already have a payment method attached to your Streamlabs account, skip to step 2.

From the Streamlabs dashboard, click the “Donation Settings” option on the left.

Connect a payment method you wish to use. As you can see, I already have my Streamlabs connected to PayPal. However, you can pick from several platforms including Coinbase if you want cryptocurrency.

Now, you’re ready to start making some money.

2. Adding Merch Store Products

Let’s add something for visitors to buy.

Click the “Merch Store” option on the left of the Streamlabs dashboard.

Click the button to “Add Product.” As you can see, I already have a coffee mug for sale at my Merch Store.

Choose a Product

What do you want to sell? You have access to a variety of things as well as different sizes for most. Posters, shirts, mugs, phone cases; it’s all available for you to choose.

For this tutorial, I’m going to add a new tank top.

Select the item you want to add.

Each item will have a variety of settings. For example, you can scroll through the “Type” drop down for Upper Wear and choose tank tops or shirts. Posters will have varying types and sizes.

It all depends on the item.

Choose the type of item you want to sell.

Most items will have style options below the example image. In the case of shirts, you can choose which color to offer customers.

Fine tune your options of the item.

Since I am selling different colors of tank tops, I want to make sure all colors have a circle around them. This happens by clicking on each color.

Uploading Your Graphic

Now it’s time to add the image that separates your content from others. Be wary, though. You can get into legal hot water if you try to use a trademarked logo or image. For instance, you cannot use the Nike Swoosh as it is registered.

If you don’t have a logo, you can always use the designer hire feature in Streamlabs.

Click the option to upload your graphic.

Have can add images from your Streamlabs account or upload something new. Once your image is stored in Streamlabs, you can use it as often as you’d like in other areas of the system.

For instance, I uploaded my logo for making the coffee mug. I can now add it to any item or even in a stream alert.

Once your graphic is uploaded, click on it to select the image.

From here, you can move the image around, change it’s shape and size, rotate it or even reverse it. You can use the options on the image itself or the tool bar on the right.

Make the changes you want to your graphic.

Name and Price Your Merch

Create a name for the product. You have 50 characters, so don’t go hog-wild. I simply write down what the item is.

Set your selling price. This needs to be equal-to or greater-than the required listing price. For instance, shirts need to be at least $25.

On the right of the Price field, an estimator will become visible. This tells you how much you stand to profit. When you alter the price, this number will change.

Save Merch Store Products

When you’re done editing your merch store products, click the “Save” button on the bottom right.

Streamlabs will then prepare the selling page and images automatically. This could take a minute or two. If it doesn’t load, click the “Refresh” button.

When you visit your Streamlabs Merch Store products page, the new item is ready for purchase.

Depending on the item in question, it could take a while before it actually shows on the merch page. For instance, about five minutes had passed before my tank top was available on the page.

When your ready to share your store’s link, it’s available on your merch store page in Streamlabs.
[template id=”505″]

7 Ways to Market the Streamlabs Merch Store

Adding merch store products is the easy part. Now you have to market the page. Otherwise, no one will know you have items for sale.

What can you do to get people to visit your merch store products page?

1. Adding a Link in the Channel

First, you should add the link to your page inside the Twitch channel information. You can also add it to your YouTube page if you have a channel there.

For a Twitch panel graphic, add the URL of your store and the image.

To add the URL as a link in a Twitch panel, use the follow markdown code:
[my merch store](https://streamlabs.com/youraccountname/#/merch)

You will have to replace “my merch store” with your own text and the URL of your merch store. And you cannot have a space between the brackets and the parenthesis.

This is Twitch’s own coding language. You cannot use HTML in the Twitch panels.

2. Using Streamlabs Alerts

Streamlabs alerts are one of the most popular elements on Twitch. It’s the graphic and message that pops up on most channels when someone subscribes, follows or donates. Now with the merch store products page, it will also show when someone buys something from you.

For example, you can add Streamlabs Alerts to OBS while you stream or record video. When someone buys a shirt, the image as well as the user’s name will display during the feed.

This is helpful to boost awareness of your products and encourages others to buy items as well.

3. Using Bots to Share the Link

A lot of streamers will use apps like Nightbot to help moderate chat. Most of these bots will use automatic timers for sharing text with viewers.

Using systems like this, you can add your merch store products page and set it to automatically mention the site throughout your broadcast.

4. Sharing Links on Social Media

The URL for your merch store products page is just like any other. Which means you can share it just as easily on social media as you can anything else on the Internet.

Unfortunately, Streamlabs doesn’t use the link markup that you’d find in most blogs. This is because you technically don’t have a featured primary image on the merch store products page.

The only preview that you’ll see on sites like Twitter and Facebook is just the URL of your page.

Still, it gives viewers something to click and check out the store.

5. Link from Your Blog

If you have a blog, don’t forget to link it. From a website, you can do things like:

  • Create a button for visitors to click or tap.
  • Add a “Store” link from your navigation menu.
  • Include the link in a sidebar widget.

For instance, you can add something like this to your posts or pages:
My Merch Store

6. Limited Time Only Items

An effective marketing strategy is to launch items for a limited time only. A lot of creators do this to help drive sales of specific items. This is because it plays into the fear-of-missing-out part of the mind.

If you think something is going away soon, you’re more apt to buy it sooner than later.

The Streamlabs merch store page even gives you tools to enable and disable specific products. This means you can run limited-time-only campaigns and bring certain items back periodically.

For example, I plan on making a Christmas themed coffee mug of my logo. It will only be sold during the holidays.

7. Using PPC Campaigns

One of the more common methods of advertising on the Internet is using pay-per-click campaigns, or PPC. In fact, AdWords is one of the most affluent forms of this. If you run AdSense on your website, it’s driven by PPC.

Using PPC requires a monetary investment. You need to put in money for this to work. The trade-off is that you technically don’t spend any money until someone clicks one of your ads.

It works like this:

  1. You create a PPC campaign on something like AdWords or Facebook.
  2. You try to target a specific audience that is likely to buy your goods.
  3. Then, you agree to a certain dollar amount value each time someone clicks the advertisement.
  4. Each time someone clicks the ad to go to your merch store products page, the money is withdrawn from your account.
  5. The ad will continue to run until your investment is exhausted from people clicking.

Essentially, you only pay for people who actually click to visit the products page. Theoretically, your ad can show millions of times before the system charges you a single penny.

I’m not sure if this plan is for everyone, but it has worked exceptionally well for many who sell shirts on sites like Facebook.

It’s Your Store

The most important element to building success from a Streamlabs merch store products page is traffic. You need people who are likely to visit and make a purchase. This often boils down to building a fan-base.

Upload your original artwork and engage buyers. Success will only be limited by the effort you put into managing your store.[template id=”543″]

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