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How to Connect Twitch to Amazon Prime Accounts

Last Updated on September 20, 2019 by Michael Brockbank

If you have an Amazon Prime account, you’re capable of connecting it to Twitch. This being the same business owns both properties. And, you get incentives for having a Twitch Prime account. However, some of them I probably won’t use much.

On the other hand, there are some features that are worth the effort of having Twitch Prime. I’ll go over that later.

Personally, I use Amazon Prime to shop for goods I can’t normally get in my area. I’m all about supporting local stores. But if they don’t have what I want, I browse Amazon.

In this tutorial, I’ll show you how to connect your Amazon Prime account to Twitch. It’s a quick process that doesn’t take maybe two to three minutes…if that.[template id=”145″]

Connecting Amazon Prime to Twitch

This tutorial is for those who have an Amazon Prime account and want to connect to Twitch. If you don’t have Amazon Prime, then this is probably going to be pointless for you.

First, connecting Amazon Prime is much easier if you’re already signed into Twitch. If you do so now, you won’t have to log in when the time comes.

After you logged in, go to the Twitch Prime website and click, “Try Twitch Prime.”

Choose your country from the list. If your country is not available, you cannot use this tutorial.

When you click your country, you will see a small blurb under the flag stating how much Twitch Prime is in your location.

Since you have Amazon Prime, you don’t have to worry about the fees listed. Click the button to continue.

Sign into your Amazon Prime account.

Click the “Confirm” button to link your Twitch Account.

Twitch will then authenticate the accounts.

Now claim your goodies.

That’s really all there is to it. Quick an easy.[template id=”505″]

Why Connect Amazon Prime to Twitch?

Twitch Prime has several key benefits for those who enjoy the streaming platform. Whether you want to learn how to play a game or just feel entertained by the broadcaster, it’s a fun system.

Even for those over the age of 40, such as myself.

But why would you bother connecting Twitch to your Amazon Prime account?

Twitch Channel Subscriptions

Subscriptions are the bread-and-butter for many streamers. It helps support their channel by pulling in a bit of money each month while giving viewers fun extra tools that are channel specific.

Usually, basic subscriptions run around $4.99 per month. However, you can choose to pay more and get additional things like emotes. Connecting Twitch Prime gives you one basic subscription for free you can use each month.

Subscribing on Twitch gives you a chance to support your favorite personality.

Game Content Access

As a Twitch Prime user, you have access to free trials and loot of select games. This is something I might not use that often as I have never been a fan of trial versions of anything.

However, these are all gaming content that you won’t have to pay extra for.

One element of Twitch Prime gives you a $10 credit for select pre-order games. Again, I rarely pre-order anything unless it’s from a publisher or franchise I trust. With that being said, I might use this discount at some point.

Exclusive Emoticons

Twitch Prime gives you access to emoticons that are unique to Prime users. This is also something I probably will never use. I rarely use emoticons on the off-chance I chat.

Usually, I watch incredibly popular people. This means the chat window is scrolling at amazing speeds in most cases. What’s the sense in showing off an emoticon if the average viewer isn’t going to see it anyway?

Chat Color Options

Prime also gives you the ability to set your color options using RGB format. This means you can stick with a color you like rather than having a random one assigned when you join a channel.

Depending on the day, I would probably set this and forget about it. I am partial to teal and purple, and it would be a way to recognize my own messages in chat.

Chat Badges

When you chat, you can show off you’re a Prime member as you will have a badge next to your name. This is more for bragging rights over anything.

Personally, I don’t care if someone knows I am a Twitch Prime user or not. However, I can see how some of you might.

More Storage Capacity

Now this is something I can get behind. Prime users can save broadcasts for up to 60 days as opposed to 14. This means you can keep your previous streams online for up to two months.

This is helpful to those who are marketing their channel and trying to build an audience.

Why get Amazon Prime?

Personally, I signed up with Amazon Prime simply to get discounts and free shipping on some products I wanted to buy. There are simply things available on the site that I just can’t get in my local area.

But shopping isn’t the only aspect of Amazon Prime I’ve been taking advantage of. Lately, I’ve binge watched House, MD. It’s a series that was on Netflix for a while, but was removed. Amazon also has a few other unique shows as well, but I haven’t watched them yet.

In reality, Amazon Prime is worth the money to me just in the streaming video service alone. Now if they would do something about the interface for watching shows and movies, all would be grand.

It’s a bit haphazard at the moment.

Tons of Offers from Twitch Prime

With your Amazon Prime account linked to Twitch, you have access to a myriad of offers. For example, I can watch Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan right now and get 400 bits to use in Twitch. Of course I have to watch it first, but it’s still about a $4 value for giving a show a try.

This is on top of the myriad of games available.

Get More Out of Twitch

Amazon Prime gives you more than just good prices on a vast selection of goods. Connecting it to Twitch also expands what you can do on the system. Whether you’re geeking out for emoticons or want to share your love with a free subscription, it’s worth the effort to link your accounts.

Now I’m off to explore some of the things I can do with Twitch Prime.[template id=”543″]

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