How to Add Twitch Viewer Count to XSplit Broadcaster

One thing many streamers provide during a broadcast is the Twitch viewer count. This shows the number of people currently watching a live stream and is helpful for those who use the Twitch app. So, how do we add the viewer count to XSplit Broadcaster?

It’s actually relatively easy. In just a few moments, you will show the counter during live streams or recordings.


How to Add the Viewer Count to XSplit

To add the Twitch viewer count to XSplit, you’ll need to have a Streamlabs account. From here, you simply copy and paste the counter’s URL as a Webpage source in XSplit Broadcaster. 

Step 1: Get Your Viewer Count URL

Go to your Streamlabs dashboard. From here, click the “All Widgets” option on the left.

All Widgets

Click the “Viewer Count” widget. You may have to scroll down a bit depending on the resolution of your monitor.

Viewer Count Widget

On this page, you can make a few adjustments for how the viewer count behaves in XSplit. This includes font sizes, text color, and enabling custom HTML and CSS.

NOTE: You can choose to show Twitch and YouTube viewers, depending on the account you’re linking to Streamlabs. There is also currently an option for Mixer, which no longer exists.

Click the “Copy” button after the Widget URL. You can also choose to show the URL or launch it as a test. The URL is hidden to help reduce people stealing the address should you accidentally show your desktop during a live stream.

Copy Viewer URL

Step 2: Add a Browser Source in XSplit Broadcaster

NOTE: Make sure you’re in the correct Scene you want to use in XSplit.

Click the “Add Source” option on the bottom left and select the “Webpage” option.

Select Webpage

Paste the URL from Streamlabs and click, “OK.”

Paste Streamlabs URL

You’ll now have a resizeable window for the viewer count in XSplit.

Step 3: Move Your Viewer Count in XSplit

By default, Broadcaster will place the Twitch viewer count in the top left-hand corner of your screen. But what if you want to move it?

Make sure the URL source is highlighted.

Hold down thew mouse click inside the counter’s box and drag it where you want.

Move Twitch Counter

As you can see, I moved the counter to show right below my camera feed. Yes…it’s about time for a haircut and a shave.

Counter is Moved

Step 4: (Optional) Edit the Window Settings

By default, the Twitch viewer count shows in XSplit just as you saw it in Streamlabs. But, what if you want to make changes or reshape the source box?

Let’s go over a few optional things you can do with the counter’s source.

To open the settings window for the counter box, you can right-click the box itself in the video feed or from the Scene window at the bottom.

Viewer Count Settings

In the HTML tab, you can fine-tune settings such as display adjustments or add custom CSS or JS. For those who want to add a bit of extra flair, custom CSS can go a long way.

Color Tab
From here, you can adjust the hue, saturation, color, and chroma key binding.

Layout Tab
If you need to have pixel-perfect alignment of the viewer count in XSplit, you can move the box one pixel at a time in this section. This is exceptionally useful if you are using a custom overlay and want the viewer count to show in an exact position.

Effects Tab
Usually, the Effects tab works great for elements that are constantly in motion. You can add all kinds of things to make the text pop. However, it doesn’t really do much in terms of the viewer counter. Still, you can see if there is anything that catches your eye for adding more to the experience.

What if You Resize the Counter Box?

You can grab the corner of the counter box and make it smaller without it affecting the Twitch counter itself. This makes the box more compact while letting you move it easily about the screen.

You can also reshape the counter box using the Layout Tab mentioned above.

You can change the way this behaves by also disabling the “Keep Aspect Ratio.” Afterwhich, you can make the counter larger or smaller depending on your needs.

Is the Twitch Viewer Count Accurate?

Because of the way Twitch handles its APIs and records viewer counts, what you see on screen isn’t the most up-to-date number. In some cases, it can be off by several minutes.

So, if you get a sudden influx of viewers, it may not show immediately.

Another thing that will throw off the viewer count in XSplit is how lurkers are counted.

In the past, someone who opened your stream without the intention of actually watching it added to the count. This helped many people reach affiliate status without actually having an engaged audience.

As lurkers really don’t contribute anything to the stream in terms of actual viewership or interaction, they are now left out of the official viewer count.

How Do You Use Your Viewer Count in XSplit Broadcaster?

Using the viewer count in XSplit shows your viewers how many people are watching the stream. This is great for mobile users or if you add a stream to your blog.

Whether this is ideal for you is another story. I know many people who go out of their way to hide the viewer count. This is often to hide low counts and negate the impression the streamer isn’t popular.

Personally, I don’t mind adding it even if it reads 0 throughout the night. Then again, I’m not looking to be a Twitch celebrity.


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