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How to Use OBS

Open Broadcaster Software is a great system for recording videos and performing live streams on systems like Twitch and YouTube. It is slightly more complicated than XSplit Broadcaster, but still easy enough that almost anyone can use it without difficulty.

Here, we have a growing library of tutorials for OBS and what you can do with the software.

Getting Started with OBS Studio
How to Add a Game to OBSIn this tutorial, I’ll go over the basics of adding your computer game to the software. This is different from an external gaming console.
How to Add a Camera to OBSThis article walks you through the process of adding your webcam and how to size it for your video content.
How to Add Streamlabs Alerts to OBSHere, we will show you how to add Streamlabs alerts to your live stream using the Streamlabs system. You’ll need a Streamlabs account for this to work.
How to Add a Twitch Viewer Count to OBSThis tutorial will show you how to add the number of current Twitch viewers to your video content. Though, keep in mind that Twitch doesn’t have the best reporting system when it comes to real-time updates.
How to Add Scrolling Twitch Followers to OBSUsing Streamlabels from Streamlabs, you can add a scrolling feed of those who follow you on Twitch. This requires an extra download of Streamlabels, which is a very small and easy to use program.
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