August 2019 Extra Life Donations Incoming! Need to Do More

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After Google’s algorithm update, my Adsense revenue took a sharp downward spiral. This is because I’ve lost a ton of traffic and I am still trying to reclaim some search positions. However, I am able to send some money to Extra Life this month.

And every little bit helps.

But in retrospect, the lack of development for Colorado Plays has played a massive role in the lack of Extra Life donations this year. Yes…I’ve been a bad blogger and haven’t really done much with any of my websites.

Hopefully, that will all change in the very near future.

August 2019 Extra Life Donations

It’s been since February that I’ve been able to send money to Extra Life from this blog. Luckily, I was able to get a payout from Google. So on the 20th, I’ll be able to send a few dollars to the charity.

I wish it would have been more, but again…lack of effort equals a lack of income.

And I feel terrible about it, to be honest. This year really hasn’t gone well in terms of my personal projects, including Colorado Plays.

While Writer Sanctuary, one of my other brands, is doing awesome this year, the blogs that were making the most money really haven’t grown much. But, I am hoping to turn that around for the last half of 2019.

How Do I Calculate Extra Life Donations?

I have a series of blogs that generate income from Adsense. While I do have affiliate banners and such, nothing ever comes from those elements in terms of income.

In Adsense, I can look at how much money comes from each website. In this case, Colorado Plays has brought in $35.37 from Adsense since February. Which is far less than I would have liked.

And you can also filter income by site in Adsense, which makes it easier to find data if you have a lot of websites associated with your account.

In this case, I take the $35.37 and immediately send 30% of that as a donation to Extra Life. So this month, I will add $10.61 to my donation record.

And although it does sound like very little to some, it’s actually more than what I donated total last year. Which means the site is getting better. It’s just not growing very fast.

What Do I Do with the Rest of the Money?

Usually when I get a Google payout from Adsense, I’ll reinvest the money into something that benefits the blogs. Last year, I used money to attend a charity event at Halloween with Geek of Grandeur in which I won a year of coffee during a silent auction.

For the August 2019 payout, I want to add the pro version of Yoast SEO to help me write content. So you see, it doesn’t just go into my pocket.

There have been a couple of times when I took the leftover cash and put it into stock investments. These are used as a way to help me afford some of the other additions I want for websites or streaming equipment.

And yes, the stocks have grown as I only invest in certain long-term platforms.

Until I am more financially solvent from the blogs, nearly 100% of the leftover money goes towards something I need to make them better.

How Will I Boost Donation Amounts?

In order to increase the amount of money I can donate from Colorado Plays, I need to put in far more effort. The blog has remained stagnant for far too long.

But it’s not just Colorado Plays. Since Google only pays out once you hit the minimum $100 threshold, I need all the blogs to increase traffic so I get payouts sooner.

Getting Back on the Horse

First, and foremost, I need to get back into blogging and creating content for Colorado Plays. This means coming up with a good content strategy that engages an audience and drives traffic.

I do it for my client, and we’ve increased traffic by more than 10,000 visitors last month. I know I can do it for all three of my blogs.

Perhaps the biggest failing I have is getting sidetracked with other things. Sure, I can say that I don’t have enough time in my day. But the truth is, I don’t have the best time-management skills.

That is, until this week.

In the end, no one is going to visit if there isn’t anything available visitors want to read.

Finding Other Ways to Monetize

Don’t get me wrong, Adsense is an easy system to generate revenue on a blog like this. However, it’s not pulling in the money I would like to use for charities like Extra Life.

And the affiliate banners on the site really don’t make sales of any kind.

Part of the problem is mastering a good strategy for those sales. Because I lack the traffic, some affiliate systems close my account because of a lack of purchases.

I’ll have to explore more possibilities to see if I can come up with a viable option for generating income.

Need More Live Streams

One of the things I want to get back into is live streaming gameplay. I miss the social engagement of Twitch and have been experimenting with live streams on YouTube for Writer Sanctuary.

Although my viewers don’t really donate, it’s not always about immediate income. For something like this, it’s about branding and awareness.

Live streams will get my brand out there and more recognizable in various communities.

Not to mention that live streaming is incredibly fun. I’m not an “expert” in any one game, but it’s my interaction with viewers that lead some to watch the entire event.

Even if it’s just one person chatting back and forth, he or she is more likely to share my content with friends and family.

It’s called, “building an audience,” something I’ve been lacking this year.

YouTube Videos Soon?

So, adding YouTube videos isn’t necessarily going to increase my revenue stream. In fact, starting with one subscriber, my son, only means I have more work cut out for me.

This is because YouTube has the requirements of 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 hours of watch time before you can monetize.

But, that doesn’t mean I can’t add donation links through PayPal, and other affiliate sales links in the video’s description. In fact, I had someone recently “buy me a coffee” from Writer Sanctuary videos.

Still, doing more YouTube content is another excellent way to start branding. After all, a vast portion of Internet users would rather watch content than read.

It’s for the Kids

Even though my sites aren’t nearly as popular as I would like, I still love the idea of being able to help Children’s Miracle Network through Extra Life. And that’s not including the other charities of which I am a member.

So, here is to doing more for Colorado Plays and seeing if we can obliterate last year’s donation record. So far, we’ve already surpassed the number. But I want at least one more Adsense payout before 2020.

I have four months to go. I have my work cut out for me.

Michael Brockbank
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Michael Brockbank

Michael developed ColoradoPlays to help various charities through his favorite pastime. Since then, the blog and Twitch channels have donated several hundred dollars to Extra Life, Geeks of Grandeur and Operation Supply Drop to name a few.