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Elgato, XSplit Broadcaster and Sega Saturn Retro Gaming!

Last Updated on September 21, 2019 by Michael Brockbank

After my Diamond GC500 crapped out, I’ve spent a bit of time trying to find a good device to play some Sega Saturn retro gaming. After all, I’d love to do some Throwback Thursday on Twitch. And I am excited with the prospect of the Elgato Video Capture device.

In reality, all I had to do was tweak a few settings and install the latest driver for the Elgato. After that, everything just fell together.[template id=”145″]

How I Set Up Sega Saturn Retro Gaming

I’ve had my Sega Saturn since 1998. Unfortunately, I lost most of the cables over the years. However, I was able to pick up an AV cable from a local gaming shop for the unit.

Though, I would have saved a lot of money if I would have shopped on Amazon.

I gave the system a test drive on my TV before setting up on the computer. I literally got goosebumps the first time I heard the Saturn’s loading sound effect.

The Elgato Video Capture Device

The key to jumping into some Sega Saturn retro gaming is the Elgato Video Capture device. It’s a USB 2.0 adapter with the red, yellow and white plugins as well as S-Video. This makes it a perfect fit for most older game systems.

I picked it up for $79.90 off Amazon. And although it’s an older unit, it works perfectly for what I’m trying to do.

The only real problem I came across with the Elgato was needing the most current driver. When I plugged the unit into my Windows 10 computer system, the OS said it was ready to use. However, it wouldn’t work and froze the software’s updater.

After downloading the Elgato driver and installing it, the device began working like a charm.

Using XSplit Broadcaster

The next step for some solid Sega Saturn retro gaming was the need for video software so I can see the game. While I could use the Elgato video editing software for this purpose, it was too small of a display and a bit distracting.

Because I have XSplit Broadcaster for streaming to Twitch, I connected the Elgato video feed. In reality, I was going to do this anyway as I want to stream some Sega Saturn retro gaming as well as the other older units I have.

Using XSplit Broadcaster in this fashion works better than I had hoped. Because the display of the game system is 640×480, I have to resize the display a bit. Other than that, using the Elgato Video Capture device with XSplit Broadcaster works amazingly well.

I don’t know how it will appear on Twitch yet. After my live stream on Thursday, I will write a more detailed review of the Elgato.

So far, though, it’s proven itself worth the $80. In fact, it works far better than the Diamond GC500 when it comes to feeding the game into XSplit.

Replacing the 2032 Button Battery

Next, I had to replace the Sega Saturn’s battery. Of course I would…it’s been in the system for many years. I think I’ve replaced it once over the past two decades.

The battery plays a crucial role in the Saturn simply because it helps keep time and date settings as well as save game data. Without it, you’re a bit screwed if you want to play anything that requires saving.

My next purchase is going to be the memory card for Sega Saturn retro gaming. This is because I want to store as much as possible. I have a ton of games that I would love to beat again, and I will need a massive storage device to do so.

Otherwise, I would only be able to play one game at a time.[template id=”505″]

Why Sega Saturn Retro Gaming?

A lot of new games have some great story and amazing graphics. But sometimes I miss the simplicity of gaming before technology grew into the monster it is today. If I’m being honest, many older game systems host some of my all-time favorite titles.

The Sega Saturn also holds a special place in my heart as it was the system I used to build my first-ever website on Angelfire. It was how I cut my teeth with HTML coding and hot-linking graphics…which is a bit taboo today.

But yesteryear, hot-linking was common for people using Angelfire and Geocities.

Armed with a 28.8k dial-up modem, which I still have for my Sega Saturn, I was able to create a variety of pages and explore the web. I also met some amazing people in various Saturn-only chat rooms.

Every time I play the game system, I am taken back to much simpler times. It’s quite nostalgic as I remember feelings, sounds and even physical sensations while playing titles that are older than most gamers today.

What’s Next for Sega Saturn Retro Gaming?

I have a lot of games that are still in excellent condition. This gives me a ton of content for Throwback Thursday and anything else I would like to do. And all of this is done with the original Sega Saturn – not some computer Emulator.

And the Sega Saturn isn’t the only system I plan on playing on Twitch. I have a multitude of game systems from back in the day that the Elgato is going to help me stream. I even plan on dusting off the old Commodore 64 for some serious back-in-the-day action.

That is, as long as my disks haven’t been ruined by the ravages of time.

I am a Collector

Ever since my younger years of playing the Atari 2400 at my dad’s house, I’ve been a fan of gaming systems. I’ve built quite a collection over the years and find value in every one of them to this day.

Being able to do some Sega Saturn retro gaming fills me with joy whether someone watches it on Twitch or not. And in the long run, that’s what it’s all about…finding something that has value to you.

Sure I’ll still play the latest and greatest games as I can afford them. But rest assured I will go back in time periodically to enjoy the games that brought a smile to my younger face.[template id=”543″]

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