Epic Failure for Diablo II During Launch, As to Be Expected…

All I wanted to do on the 23rd of September was play Diablo II. Of course, I had to work quite a long day and wasn’t able to even load up the game until much later. But, that’s aside from the fact that the launch for Diablo II was anything but spectacular.

In fact, it took us an hour of constantly trying before we were able to get into a group game.

To be fair, though, the “Offline” game worked perfectly.

Servers Were Having Issues for Diablo II Launch

It seems odd that so many companies don’t work out some of the most basic of bugs when launching a game. In this case, it was the fact that the servers were having one hell of a hard time.

I mean, come on, a lot of people were waiting for this launch. How could Blizzard not make sure the servers were optimal?

This seems to be quite a common thread, really. A lot of games in the recent past had troubles with server load. You’d think Blizzard, being a major game producer, would understand what was at stake.

Still, it wasn’t nearly the kerfuckle that was Sim City’s launch for online play. That entire experience soured me on the franchise, EA, and Maxis.

At any rate, at least we were able to get on before calling it a night. Though, we only got to play for about 40 minutes.

After all, I still had to get up early in the morning for my workout and then work. I don’t have a seemingly endless amount of time to troll the lobby.

Which there was plenty of, by the way. The lobby was a dumpster fire of vile and hate during the Diablo II launch. A lot of it was just stupid, 12-year-old commentary.

It reminded me why I don’t play many online games with people I don’t know.

At Least It Wasn’t a Complete Failure

I was actually kind of worried we wouldn’t have time to play Diablo II after its launch. It was getting pretty late, and we already sat around for an hour.

I bet that was riveting to watch on the live stream.

Luckily, it wasn’t a complete and utter failure. Eventually, Blizzard popped its head out of its butt and we were able to get in.

In the grand scheme of things, I suppose it could have been much worse. Like I said, Sim City’s online launch was one hell of a mess to sort through.

I suppose I really don’t get to see how often this happens. I usually buy games for the single-player storylines. This is the first time we went straight to online play.

Mostly because we wanted to play as a group.

I just hope Diablo IV doesn’t have such a rocky start. I might just wait a month or two before buying it. Let the pawns find all the flaws first.

How Was Playing Diablo II During the Launch…When We Actually Got to Play?

The entire idea of streaming Diablo II on Thursday was because it was Sam’s first time ever playing the game. She never got into Diablo II during the original release.

So, it was supposed to be a fun experience. Sam really likes the storyline of Diablo III, so I figured this would be a great primer for her.

After we were able to actually get in and play, we had a good time. I kept coming across things that are new to the game, and a wave of nostalgia swept over me.

Much like when I played the beta a few weeks ago.

I didn’t mind having to teach Sam the ropes of using the interface. It was good that she already knew how to play Diablo III. It helped quite a bit when explaining things.

I also remembered how to set skills using the function keys and then using the scroll wheel to cycle through them. It’s funny how some things just immediately jump into mind as you’re playing.

I completely forgot about the scroll wheel until I did it without thinking.

How Much Online Play Will I Do?

If the lobby chat was any indicator as to the people playing Diablo II after launch nowadays, I doubt I’ll get online much. At least not with people I don’t know.

It’s one of the reasons why I stopped playing League of Legends. I’m too old to care about 12-year-old players and their disrespectful mouths.

Or in this case, fingers.

I mean, seriously, most of the chat that night wasn’t even that intelligent or funny.

Still, I think it would be fun to play with others for ColoradoPlays. We have quite a few Diablo III fans in the house, so I doubt it would take much convincing.

Starting My Hardcore Character Soon

Diablo II is what got me started with hardcore gameplay. Nowadays, it’s one of the first features I look for in a game. So, yes, I’ll be starting a few hardcore characters in the very near future.

But, I highly doubt they will be online. I’ve learned that other players often get me killed. And I would hate to dump a bunch of time into a character only to die from something stupid.

Then again, I’ve lost a few hardcore Diablo III characters by not paying attention to what I was doing.

Nonetheless, I tend to stay alive a lot longer when playing by myself with a hardcore toon.

The Launch of Diablo II Wasn’t Smooth, But At Least We Got to Play

Although the first day was a mess, at least we were able to play for a little bit. I was able to get Sam organized, explain some of the basics, and we finished the first mission.

All things considering, it wasn’t too bad of a night. Though, I do hope it runs smoothly for Sunday’s stream. Otherwise, we might just work on the season for Diablo III.

At the end of the day, I’m still glad I have Diablo II and looking forward to dumping a lot more time into the game.

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