What is Gamecaster and is it Worth Using for Streaming?

Back in the day, XSplit had two distinct products for creating video content: Broadcaster and Gamecaster. For a single payment subscription, you could use both on a premium level. But over the years, the software diverged.

Nowadays, XSplit only promotes Broadcaster and accompanying software as part of the premium service. But, what about Gamecaster?

Well, it moved on to bigger and better things.

Evil Controllers Thumbstick Tension

Gamecaster is Separate from XSplit Broadcaster

Before, you were able to choose which software to use for video content directly on XSplit’s website. Today, the gaming-focused version is now on its own domain as if separated from the parent company.

In other words, it grew to the point of becoming its own platform while still holding some ties to the original idea.

For example, most of the extra tools you’ll find in the software come from XSplit itself. This includes things like Remote and VCam. However, you’ll find other useful tools such as using Voicemod.

How Much Does Gamecaster Cost to Use?

Gamecaster is completely free to use and has no paid-for premium package. Though, if you want to add more visual appeal, you can always purchase Gamecaster Gold, which lets you buy various theme packs and widgets.

This means that you no longer need to fork over extra cash, especially if you wanted to get rid of the XSplit watermark or stream higher than 720p. Those things are long gone as there is no cost to using the software.

Even without the “gold” to buy extras, you can do a lot of things with the default free version.

Can You Use Royalty-Free Music with Gamecaster?

We live in an age where the record companies are just looking to sue. As such, DMCA claims have been tossed around like fruit cakes at Christmas. Luckily, a few companies have stepped up to mitigate copyright issues.

One of them is Gamecaster.

Currently, you can download one of three free music packs to use during your streams and videos without worrying about copyright claims. Granted, the music isn’t from your favorite celebrity, but at least you don’t have to worry about fines or having videos removed.

What’s awesome is how the Stream Music button is built right into Gamecaster. This gives you instant access to those channels through Spotify.

Does Gamecaster Work with Green Screens?

A lot of us use green screens or something similar. I once tried a blue screen, but most of my body disappeared because I like blue Hawaiian shirts.

Yes, Gamecaster has the ability to add a chroma key to remove your background. This puts the camera focus on you and not what might be going on behind you.

Some of the biggest Twitch and YouTube streamers I watch utilize a feature like this, and it looks pretty good. As I’ve said, I’ve used it a few times myself on XSplit Broadcaster, so I understand the value of the chroma key.

Lots of Ways to Customize Your Video

As I pointed out in another blog post, Gamecaster has a lot of new features, especially compared to what it used to be. Now, you’re able to add widgets, overlays, and more from within the platform.

The easy-to-use Studio and Custom scene editor makes fine-tuning your video content a breeze. Because developers had simplicity in mind, the overall feel of the design tools removes a lot of the guesswork when setting up.

This is especially true when it comes to adding, moving, and resizing widgets. It’s a pain in the ass in OBS if you don’t know what you’re doing. In Gamecaster, you just grab the points and move things where and how you want.

Quick Loading in Comparison to XSplit Broadcaster

One thing I’d like to point out is how short the load time is for Gamecaster as opposed to its larger cousin, Broadcaster. Before, it would take a bit for the software to load everything before actually becoming usable.

Nowadays, it is much quicker and pops up almost immediately.

It probably doesn’t mean a lot to other users, but I like having a quick response time in my software.

More Useful Tools Coming Soon!

According to the developers, there are more tools coming soon for Gamecaster. One that piqued my interest is when they mentioned a clipping tool. This is something I’m highly interested in.

Mostly because I would love to just upload funny conversations or situational clips for social posts.

In any case, I’m very interested to see what the developers come out with next for Gamecaster. I’m crossing my fingers it’s indeed the clipping tool.

Connects to Popular Gaming Platforms

Currently, Gamecaster supports the top platforms for gaming content. This includes:

  • YouTube
  • Facebook
  • Twitch
  • Restream
  • And Custom RTMP

Although Restream supports multistreaming, keep in mind that Twitch affiliates are forbidden to multistream a single video event to other platforms. You have to wait 24 hours before being able to show that video anywhere else.

Most of us will most likely stick to Twitch or YouTube. But, it’s nice to know that you can connect to any other service as long as you set up the RTMP connection.

Compatibility for Capture Cards

If you have a game capture card, you can easily connect it with Gamecaster. In fact, I was able to connect my Elgato Video Capture USB device with no issues at all.

In case you’re wondering, the Elgato Video Capture unit is what I use to stream and record retro games systems I currently own.

And yes, eventually this will lead me to stream using the Commodore 64. Talk about a Throwback Thursday.

Try Gamecaster for Yourself, it’s Free

Give Gamecaster a try…it’s completely free!

Although I haven’t had a lot of time with the software itself, it does look like it’s got a ton of potential. Especially for those who want to stream or record game videos without much of a hassle.

For the most part, it feels as though a large portion of the software is automated. This means you don’t have to fiddle with the settings to get perfect performance based on your computer’s setup.

In any case, it’s definitely one we’ll keep an eye on and use.

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