What Makes Minecraft Such a Relaxing Game to Unwind?

In a world where so many people are stressed to their limits, there are plenty of options to unwind. A lot of us take to gaming as a diversion from real life. And Minecraft is probably among the better for relaxing.

And no, Minecraft isn’t just for kids. In fact, I’m 45 and play it quite often as a way to de-stress. It’s among some of my favorites when it comes to being able to lower anxiety and take a breath.

Especially after not having a day off in over a month.

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7 Ways Minecraft is Relaxing for Everyone

A lot of games out there can still ramp up the heart rate delivering a different form of stress. These aren’t always the best option, especially when you find yourself at your wit’s end.

With Minecraft, though, you can play a variety of ways without adding to your anxiety. Well, unless you like to play hardcore modes…which I often do.

Still, the game can help you with:

Letting the Imagination Run Wild

I have seen and built some amazing structures in Minecraft. From creating musical boxes to replicate a favorite song to elaborate castles and real-world buildings, there’s nothing you can’t do one block at a time.

Or, you could simply build yourself a little hut and dive into farming.

My point is that the game itself is an easy escape from reality while letting you explore your imagination. And for a creator such as myself, this is incredibly valuable on multiple levels.

Relaxing Musical Score

Perhaps one of the first things I noticed about Minecraft was its musical score. I started playing it with my kids several years ago and found the overall ambiance to be quite a pleasant experience.

Eventually, I started playing it by myself late at night with the lights off just enjoying the music and building.

In fact, I found that it was easier for me to get to sleep after playing the game for a few hours. I was less high-strung and was able to completely relax. As much as I could, anyway.

Mods, Mods, and More Mods

Minecraft probably has one of the largest selections of mods for any game. And people create more on a semi-regular basis. Not to mention how you can mix and match these mods to create the perfect world experience.

One of my favorite Minecraft mods for relaxing is Sky Factory 4. You can build at your own pace while exploring the construction of a vast number of items.

Sure, you can try to grind out the entire list of achievements as quickly as possible. But the point here is being able to slow down and just enjoy the moment.

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Entire World Building

I play the Java Edition of Minecraft almost exclusively. As such, I have an endless world of possibilities for creating virtually anything I want. Depending on the seed, I could even set sail in a boat to explore the open, wide seas.

I haven’t been ambitious enough to recreate the entire planet Earth. But, it was something I was toying with some time ago.

One of my favorite game types is open world. And Minecraft lets me build whatever I want to make the landscape my own. It’s merely a way to have a sense of control in a world where you really don’t have much.

Nothing Like an Afternoon of Fishing

Yes, I often enjoy just building a fishing cottage and spending hours in a boat with a pole.

It’s not exactly the same thing as hitting the reservoir or sitting on the riverbank in real life. However, I still find the fishing aspect in Minecraft quite relaxing.

And if I pull out some leathers, bowls, or perhaps an enchanted book, all the better.

Using Creative Mode

Creative mode gives you absolute control of what you can build and where. Not to mention that you don’t have to worry about falling into lava or getting accidentally blown up by a creeper.

One of the worst things you can hear when waiting for a fish to bite your line is the “sssssss” coming from behind you.

I don’t really play the creative mode. I’m the type of person who would rather find the resources I need to build what I want. Still, I know the girls love playing Creative Mode and have built some elaborate houses and mansions.

Satisfying for Builders

I love discovering and crafting new things in Minecraft. It’s one of the reasons why I like the mods so much. After spending an hour trying to get everything I need, it’s satisfying to plop down something as an accomplishment.

I geeked out quite a bit when I figured out how to automate iron in Sky Factory 4 without looking up a YouTube video.

Minecraft taps into the part of my mind that would rather grind to get what I need rather than just have it simply given to me. And some of the recipes in Sky Factory or Stoneblock are just north of grueling.

Minecraft Will Always Be a Favorite

Because there is so much offered from Minecraft, it’s always going to be among my favorite relaxation games. Yes, I do like action and fast-paced games as well. But from a standpoint of relaxing, Minecraft is one of my go-to’s.

Especially since I’m constantly under a high level of stress.

Due to its popularity, flexibility, and expansiveness, I doubt it will go away anytime soon. And even if it does, I’m known to support all kinds of things people think are obsolete.

That’s because I don’t think of things as “obsolete” because new tech is out. As long as you’re getting what you want out of a game or piece of technology, no one can say, “you’re doing it wrong.”

It all depends on the player and if something can fulfill expectations. And being able to de-stress with Minecraft is definitely something I expect and experience.

Relaxing with Minecraft Can Help with Stress

Don’t get me wrong, some elements of Minecraft can be quite intense. It all depends on how you decide to play the game that day.

But when it comes to getting some downtime, Minecraft is easily among my favorites for relaxing.

After working hard for the last month, I’m definitely going to do some fishing tomorrow.

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