October Donation to Extra Life, Compliments to You!

Last Updated on November 2, 2018 by Michael Brockbank

This website contributes to a variety of charities throughout the year. When you read the content, you’re helping those less fortunate. And even though our October donation is a bit small, it’s still far better than the first time we gave money to Extra Life.

And the growth continues.[template id=”145″]

2018 October Donation Largest Yet!

ColoradoPlays.com is connected to a few other websites in my AdSense account. It all gets pooled together, which means I have to spend a bit of time going through what sites generated how much money.

And even though it’s a pain, I am happy to see that we increased our revenue from ads by 333%! As cool as that sounds, it’s merely the difference between $1.72 and $5.73.

Still, that’s better than nothing at all.

Sending 30% to Extra Life

A few days ago, I received yet another payout from Google Adsense. Over the last few months, visitors to the site helped us make an October donation to Extra Life for $5.73. This is 30% of what the website generates.

And yes, I did tack on a bit of my own money during the October donation to Extra Life. In essence, I matched the donation from this website.

Thanks to the progress of the rest of our sites, it looks like we’ll be able to make a donation in January as well.

Where Did the Rest Go?

Because ColoradoPlays.com doesn’t bring in a lot of money, the rest is lumped into the pool of what the other sites bring in as well. Usually, I’ll use this money to buy an improvement of some kind.

For example, last time I bought an SSL for ColoradoPlays while investing the rest in stocks.

This time around, however, there were a few changes to the budget.

Buying the Elgato

The money from the websites repaid me for buying the Elgato. Which means technically, ColoradoPlays owns the device.

This unit will help me stream older consoles to Twitch as soon as I finish setting up the graphics for it. This is something I’ve wanted to do for a while, especially since some of my favorite games are on the older systems.

Guess I’m still an 80’s and 90’s kid at heart.

Help Pay for Charity Event Costume

A large portion of the money the websites brought in this time went to my costume for Hallow-Baloo. It’s a charity event held by Geeks of Grandeur, and I’m going as the Sole Survivor from Fallout 4.

I picked it up from Spirit Halloween. It’s not a bad buy, but I don’t think I’ll be wearing it much. The material is a bit thin.

I did add the Pip Boy prop, though.

Used at a Silent Auction for Charity

The rest of the money will be used for the silent auction at the charity event. They have quite a few fun things that I plan on bidding on. Not to mention the Mario Cart tournament.

I don’t have a lot of money left over from the expenses, but it’s something that will help them out.

And I’m all about charities that help children.[template id=”505″]

How Can You Contribute?

If you’re interested in helping ColoradoPlays develop while providing care for those in need, there are several ways you can join. This is a small website in the grand scheme of things, but we do reach about 150 to 200 people a day.

We need about 10x more than that to really make an impact in how we help others.

You can always use the Extra Life widget on the right side of the screen. This goes directly to our fundraising page, and all of the money goes directly to Extra Life.

Our contributions go to improve the Children’s Miracle Network and support Children’s Hospital here in Denver, Colorado.

Buy Our Merch

Remember, 30% of anything this website makes goes directly to Extra Life. That includes anything from the store hosted at Streamlabs. It’s also our gateway for donations during live streams we post on Twitch.

Unfortunately, selling items from Streamlabs is quite expensive. We really don’t profit a lot of money from them. So, we can only donate 30% of the net income from items sold through the merch store.

Which means we can donate money after the cost of the item and shipping has been processed.

There’s not a lot there at the moment, but we’re toying with a few new ideas and fun things to list.

Watch the Live Stream

You don’t have to donate money or buy merchandise to help ColoradoPlays. Simply watching the live stream on Twitch helps in several ways.

For instance, watching a live stream helps:

  • Build an audience, which improves our visibility in Twitch.
  • Improves our branding and reputation to help attract sponsors.
  • Get to affiliate status in Twitch so we can pull in money from Amazon sales.
  • Keep us motivated to keep playing games on streaming platforms.

So you see, you really don’t have to put out any out-of-pocket money to help improve from our October donation.

Sign Up for the Newsletter

Another way you can help is by signing up for the newsletter. The more people we have subscribed, the better. This isn’t so we can send you ads in email or deliver a ton of spam.

The newsletter is to keep gamers like you informed of events, news and other tidbits of info we find engaging in the industry.

I promise, we don’t sell information to third-parties and we do not send ads in email.

Don’t Use Ad Blockers

Websites like this thrive off ad revenue. If it wasn’t for the ads, the site would not exist. Which means those who are using ad blockers actually slow our business model.

I’m not going to force you to turn of add blockers like some other websites. All I ask is that you consider how free content isn’t always “free” to everyone involved.

Personally, I never use ad blockers for that very reason. I support small creators and don’t mind being shown a small block from something I might be interested in.

Here’s to Another Three Months!

Statistically speaking, we should have another donation ready by January. This is based on meeting the threshold for AdSense across all of the sites I manage. And as it looks, we’ll deliver an even greater amount than the October Donation.

And all of it is thanks to you…the reader.[template id=”543″]

Michael Brockbank
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Michael Brockbank

Michael developed ColoradoPlays to help various charities through his favorite pastime. Since then, the blog and Twitch channels have donated several hundred dollars to Extra Life, Geeks of Grandeur and Operation Supply Drop to name a few.