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Liteboxer: Is This Similar to Virtual Smash?

Recently, I stumbled upon a unit that is somewhat similar to Your Shape: Fitness Evolved. Well, the Virtual Smash gym game, anyway. I’m talking about Liteboxer and its use of punching to work up a sweat.

Yes, I know that the Xbox Kinect 360 is dead and gone. But, I still play the hell out of my unit. And I’ll continue to do so until it melts into a black puddle on the floor.

But, this boxing unit may be something I would be interested in for a workout at home.

What is Liteboxer?

Liteboxer is essentially a punching bag that uses lights to guide where you need to strike next. It also comes with uppercut pads so you can work on variations of blows.

The device comes with a variety of ways you can “play,” whether you’re punching to the beat of music or training in boxing technique for exercise.

It also comes with a tracker for real-time results displaying your progress in force, accuracy, and stamina.

Think of playing “Simon Says,” only with more physical violence.

This is where it’s incredibly similar to Virtual Smash. Instead of breaking bricks that appear on the television screen, you’re punching the bag according to lights.

It’s virtually the same activity only using a different medium. However, Virtual Smash on the hard difficulty makes you squat to duck swinging blocks. Something Liteboxer doesn’t offer.

Not to mention using your legs to break lower bricks.

What Are a Few of the Highlights for Liteboxer

Lightboxer Shield

Unfortunately, I can only go by what is on the Liteboxer website. It’s a bit out of my price range at the moment. That’s why this isn’t a real review of the device.

This is more of a first look at its potential.

A Bit Expensive for Some of Us

The first thing I noticed was the price tag on the Liteboxer. Although it’s somewhat cheaper than some other exercise equipment, about $1700 for the device is beyond what I can afford.

Then again, you can simply pay the $47 per month…if you qualify for monthly payments according to your credit check.

This doesn’t even cover the $30.00 per month membership if you want to get the most out of the device. That’s more than I pay for a membership to Planet Fitness!

Different Ways to “Play”

Liteboxer does come with trainers and different styles of play. From a freestyle, shadow boxing workout at home to sparring sessions, there is quite a bit to the app.

You also have workout sessions with expert trainers.

Don’t Need Monthly Memberships

On the upside, you don’t need to pay the hefty monthly membership fees in order to use Liteboxer. The biggest difference comes from not having access to trainers and music.

Unfortunately, this also means that you might not have access to profile records. This means you’ll have to keep track of your own progress.

Time to bust out the notebook and pen.

Since I am a dork when it comes to data, that pretty much made up my mind about not spending the money to get the Liteboxer. I want to know how I’m doing, but not at the cost of $30 per month.

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Have to Use Your Own Tablet or Phone

Liteboxer doesn’t come with a mobile device for running your membership app. This means you’ll need your own iPhone or Android to take advantage of the system.

For $30 per month, you’d think the manufacturer would toss in an affordable tablet.

Instead, they market it as such that you can “take Liteboxer with you everywhere.” Or, the cynic in me reads that as, “We’re too cheap to give you a tablet.”

325 Pound Weight Limit

As you stand on the device for certain aspects of the app, there is a 325-pound weight limit. In reality, this isn’t too bad. I know a lot of bathroom scales that can’t handle anything more than 250.

Just once I would like to see someone my size sweatin’ it off by using something like the Liteboxer in advertisements, though.

Anyway, the weight limit for the unit seems pretty reasonable, all things considering. Though, I do know quite a few people who are in excess of this.

PayPal Credit!

One of the things I love most is when I see a company support PayPal credit. Mostly, because that’s where the majority of my money is.

At any rate, it would still take quite a bit to pay off since the device is much higher than my current credit limit. But, it’s something you can consider if you’re looking to buy a Liteboxer.

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Is it Something Realistic for the Average Joe?

Something like the Liteboxer just reminds me of just how unrealistic it is for the average person. It’s almost as if devices like this are meant for upper-middle-class people who have the cash to burn.

In a practical world, I’m not sure if the price is worth what you receive. Sure, you get some good boxing exercise while at home. But, you’ll have to fork over more than a gym membership to get the most out of the device every month.

I think that’s probably is what’s fueling my dislike more than anything. I get the company needs to make money, but wow. I’d rather keep my black card membership to Planet Fitness and have access to the water massager.

The cost of the unit itself isn’t overly embarrassing compared to a variety of home workout equipment on the market. I just can’t see spending so much per month when I have VIrtual Smash and my weighted gloves for a similar workout.

And yes, I still work myself into a sweaty mess playing that game to this day.

Then again, this is from someone outside looking in. I might think the cost is worth the expense after I’ve used it for a while.

Guess I can start saving my pennies.

Boxing on a Roof

It Has Piqued My Interest, but…

I love the idea of a boxing workout at home. It’s one of the reasons why I like playing Virtual Smash so much. Unfortunately, it’s the monthly membership fee that is holding me back.

Especially since you can get Your Shape: Fitness Evolved for a couple of bucks at Gamestop or on Amazon.

Still, I am on the fence about whether I would want a Liteboxer. At this point in time, I simply don’t have the available cash each month.

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