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Review: Philip S Miller Park in Castle Rock, Colorado

Last Updated on July 9, 2020 by Michael Brockbank

We want to start reviewing some parks and hiking trails as part of getting out and playing in Colorado. I decided to start with the Philip S. Miller Park because I have gone there a few times and know it pretty well. So, it is as good as any to start this segment on our page.
Although the pandemic is kind of preventing us from visiting some locations, it’s nice to be outside for a change.

Where is Philip S Miller Park?

Philip S Miller Park is located on the southwest side of Castle Rock, Colorado about a 35-minute drive from downtown Denver on I-25. Take the Plum Creek exit and follow the signs.

It’s not terribly out of the way, and you can easily see Castle Rock from the Park. So, there’s no worries about getting lost on some out-of-the-way road or trail.

What is Philip S Miller Park?

Philip S Miller Park Pond

The Philip S Miller Park is an outdoor locale for everyone and has so many choices for activities. Right now, some of the wonderful features are unavailable today. This is mostly thanks to the Covid-19 situation going on in the world

For instance, the indoor water areas, other interior features, and the playground splash pad are closed.

We just hike a bit of the 8-mile native-surface trail network and walk the one mile of paved accessible trail that circles the park. We don’t even come close to utilizing a quarter of the amazing amenities the park offers.

The park is one of the many examples of how the Colorado Lottery dollars are spent, as it was partially funded by lotto.

What Ability Level Do You Need for the Hike?

Park Map

The 8-mile native-surface trail network consists of single-track trails divided into four different, but interconnected, loops. The overall rating is moderate, according to the park’s website.

I am fairly out of shape but don’t have any problems with the 2.3-mile red loop that we regularly follow. I don’t feel like I am quite ready to take on the incline, which is a 200-step challenge hill that rises 178 feet in elevation.

Though, it’s one of my goals to be able to by the end of the summer.

The park offers trails that would be good for anyone from beginner to, I would say, intermediate level but would not be too boring for someone with skill. In essence, it’s great for everyone whether you’re walking, jogging, or riding your bike.

One other thing I’d like to mention is about altitude. The Philip S Miller Park is almost 1,000 feet higher than Denver at an altitude of 6,570 feet at its highest. This means that you might want to consider taking it easy if you’re not from here.

The thinner oxygen level will make hiking, riding, or jogging more difficult.

Other Amenities

Pond and Amphitheater

Philip S Miller Park is a 300-acre park that includes much more than beautiful hiking trails with amazing views.

There is an outdoor amphitheater, Castle Rock Zip Line tours and The Miller Activity Complex (MAC) that is an impressive indoor aquatics center. You also (usually) have access to an adventure playground, a full-sized synthetic-turf field, and much, much more.

A common feature is how some will sign up for outdoor aerobic classes, which are often available in the outdoor amphitheater. This is an incredible experience during a nice sunny day as you’re surrounded by a beautiful landscape.

If you’re looking for a great location for a picnic, or even hosting a wedding reception, the Philip S Miller Park also has pavilions available. For out-out-of-towners, it’s a great taste of what Colorado has to offer outdoors.

Why We Go

Walking a Trail
Walking a Trail

We make the drive to Castle Rock to the Philip S Miller Park because it is within my skill level, the views are amazing and it isn’t super crowded like some of the trails closer to home. For me, a 40-minute drive for a fun and great workout is totally worth it.

Another aspect is how you get a resemblance of being in the mountains without actually driving up the Rockies. Castle Rock has a lot of decent-sized foothills to the point where it sometimes feels like you’re on the side of a mountain.

And when we’re done hiking, the park is relatively close to some great shopping. You can find a variety of things to pick up before your trek home.

Plan a Visit to the Philip S Miller Park Today

If you love to be outdoors without facing the throngs of people at an amusement park, the Philip S Miller Park is a great place to visit. It’s worth the half-hour drive from the Denver Metro area if you have a few hours to spend.

This is just one of the many locations in Colorado that make living here an awesome experience.

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