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Playing the Xbox Kinect in 2022, Is It Worth the Time?

There are a lot of ways to gamify fitness today. Though, most of the interesting devices cost in the thousands or offer some kind of ridiculous subscription plan. Yet, I’ll still get a hell of a workout playing the Xbox 360 Kinect in 2022.

I know it’s outdated, obsolete, and “dead” in the eyes of other gamers. But when it comes to fitness and cardio activity, I still find it to be one of the best platforms out there.

Part of that is because of how I play. And as soon as I can get a computer out in the living room, I plan on streaming it on the YouTube channel.

Why Play the Xbox Kinect in 2022?

I’m not one to buy the latest and greatest consoles as soon as they come out. I am a PC player, which means consoles usually last a lot longer in my house.

Sure, I’ll still play a few games here and there on the Xbox and Playstation. But, I usually center my entertainment around PC games.

Anyway, there are several reasons why I’ll still load up the Xbox 360 for my daily workouts.

Working Myself Up Into a Sweaty Mess

First of all, I can easily work myself up into a decent sweat while playing the Kinect. More so than if I go to the gym and jump on the treadmill. That’s because of how I play.

When I load up something like Your Shape: Fitness Evolved, I really get into the games. I don’t just stand around and move my arms. Being in constant motion, I’ve found the Kinect to be an excellent HIIT workout.

In fact, there are days that I walk away from the unit dripping with sweat because of how hard I play. If I’m ever taken out by a heart attack, it’ll probably be in front of the Kinect.

Gamifying Fitness, Still!

Virtual Smash

I am a strong supporter of gamifying just about anything. That’s because gamification is effective across the board.

Gamification works by engaging the person or individuals to make it seem that a normally grueling task is fun. It’s often linked to better productivity and happiness in the workplace, and it works to gamify fitness.

Instead of looking at something like a boring, mundane chore, you actually get excited to “play.”

The Kinect does this for me in spades in 2022. I’m constantly trying to beat high scores, time working out, and overall improving myself through the matches.

Games are Super Cheap Today

Because everyone has moved onto newer platforms, a lot of games for the Kinect are relatively cheap. For example, I’ve picked up several that turned out to be among my favorites for less than $3 at Gamestop.

You can also find a lot of Xbox 360 Kinect games on Amazon.

My point is that for $1, I have a game that I play all the time that is among the most intense for exercising, which is the Your Shape: Fitness Evolved that I mentioned earlier.

Kinect Still Performs its Primary Purpose, Even in 2022

Perhaps the biggest reason why I bought the Xbox 360 in the first place years ago was because of the Kinect. In fact, we have more Kinect games than anything else. That’s because we wanted to get ourselves and the kids up and moving.

The Wii was just too easy to cheat when playing for calorie burn. You could still sit on the couch with little movement.

Today, I still find the Kinect to be among my favorite add-ons for a console.

Still Looking for an Affordable Alternative

Gamifying fitness is such a big industry right now that everyone is putting out some kind of interactive unit. As I said earlier, though, most are extremely unaffordable for the average Joe.

I’ll still keep looking for something in my price range, but the manufacturers are often proud of their hardware.

One thing I am excited to try this year, however, is seeing if the Oculus Quest 2 can offer a good workout. I got one for Christmas, but I haven’t bought a fitness game yet.

Anyway, I’ll continue to use the Kinect until I find something I feel is more fun. Because that’s the bottom line of any workout routine…finding something you enjoy and can maintain over the long term.

You’re more likely to stick with it, which is why a lot of people sign up for gym memberships only to stop going after about a month or two.

You’re not finding it very fun.

Feeling the BURN of Kinect Gameplay in 2022!

Kinect Calorie Burn

Every time I strap on the weights and get in front of the television, it’s another day of feeling the burn. Especially when I haven’t played in a while.

I’ve been exceptionally busy writing my next book and maintaining everything else I do.

Take this morning, for example. I played about 25 minutes of Virtual Smash (a block-breaking game) and really put myself through the wringer. Though, I haven’t played it in months.

After the first set of rounds, my legs feel like jello. And I’m sure my upper back, shoulders, and chest will be feeling it tomorrow. My entire torso is a sweaty mess and it’s definitely time to hit the showers.

But this is in a good way. It’s all about hitting those DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness) after a good workout. Playing the Xbox Kinect easily puts me into that realm, even in 2022.

Add Some Weighted Gloves or Wrist Weights

Want to create a more intense workout? Add some weighted gloves or wrist weights while playing. It increases calorie burn slightly while putting a lot of work on muscle development.

This is because your body is burning energy and restructuring to accommodate for the extra weight. It’s far more intense whether you’re playing the Kinect or not.

Start with one pound and work your way up over time. I know one pound doesn’t sound like a lot, but trust me, after 25 minutes, it’ll make a massive difference.

Compete with Yourself

While you might not find a lot of PvP with Kinect games nowadays, it’s still easy to compete with yourself. In fact, that’s the driving point behind self-improvement in all things.

It’s all about going beyond what you’re currently capable of doing.

For instance, I’m always working to break high scores in Virtual Smash. I’ll also see how fast I can beat the arcade version of Avengers: Battle for Earth.

My point is that it’s relatively easy to set goals for yourself using the Kinect in 2022. It all comes down to what you want to accomplish and how you want to work on fitness goals in general.

Enjoy the Game

Find games you truly enjoy playing. Can you see yourself playing that game this time next year?

Sure, it may take a bit of trial and error to find the perfect fit for what you like. But the end result is finding a workout routine that surpasses exercise DVDs that are just collecting dust at a thrift store.

Not every game is going to be your cup of tea. For example, my daughters still play Just Dance even though I have no interest. I am more into combat-based games and tennis.

Proving the Kinect Has Value in 2022

Even today, the Xbox 360 Kinect is still one of the most used consoles in my house. As I said, though, we’re all primarily PC game players. Still, the console sees a lot of action on a weekly basis.

I’m currently doing a case study to see how much weight I can lose while playing Virtual Smash, a gym game in Your Shape: Fitness Evolved. It’s a tab on my 12-week fitness challenge on my other blog.

No matter how you slice it, though, finding a way to gamify fitness will help you reach some incredible goals for self-improvement. Find a platform that delivers everything you love and go all-in.

Because there are many benefits to health and fitness that go beyond just looking good in a swimsuit or being an Instagram influencer.

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