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Returning to Twitch Live Streaming and Why

Last Updated on September 24, 2019 by Michael Brockbank

Well, it’s been almost a year since we were on Twitch for a live stream. The past 12 months didn’t go as planned. A lot of this is due to a lackluster performance by ourselves. However, this doesn’t mean the dream is dead.

Lately, I’ve especially had a rejuvenation into live streams. I think a lot of that is thanks to going live on YouTube for Writer Sanctuary.

I missed how fun it was to interact with people.

I don’t really know why we gave up so easily on 2019 plans. Things just seemed to fall apart rather quickly, and the rest of the year seemed to blow by so fast.

So, here we are…trying to get back into the thick of it again.

Why a Return to a Twitch Live Stream?

There is a lot of potential we’re missing out on by not being more interactive and engaging. And I’m not just talking about going live on Twitch or even YouTube.

We’re missing out on the potential of the blog as well.

But for Twitch live streaming, there are a few things that stand out the most regarding why we’re trying to make a comeback…

We Miss the Engagement

First and foremost, we miss interacting with viewers. We’ve met some awesome people while streaming live and have a few who watched us quite regularly.

We’re not trying to show off how good we are at any given game. In fact, we’re not experts in any given title. We just like to have fun and engage with the audience.

We’re Playing Games Anyway

In reality, there’s no reason why I shouldn’t hit the broadcast button on XSplit or OBS. I’m playing games for extended periods of time anyway. Well, usually.

Recently, I’ve been getting back into Raft as I eagerly await the next update. And I’ve been playing around with modding Minecraft, which has prompted a whole lot of ideas.

But since I am already playing, I might as well do a Twitch live stream.

A Precursor to Something Bigger

At the beginning of the year, I had far bigger plans for ColoradoPlays. And, I am still on the fence about following through with these plans. If all goes well, you’ll see something much bigger in the long-term.

I don’t really want to go into details simply because I know me. I’ll talk a big game but then will get sidetracked with other things. So, I don’t want to promise something as I don’t often have the motivation, or memory, to follow through.

But, I’m trying. I just need to structure my day a bit better and set reminders for myself.

Are We Able to Commit this Time for Twitch Live Streaming?

Every time we attempt to make a comeback to streaming live, we come out of the gate pretty strong. Then, after a few months, we suddenly stop.

It’s not very conducive to building an audience and making new friends.

This time around, though, there is a greater sense of success. At least from my part, I am driven to do more with this blog as well as going live. In fact, I’ve started setting up the YouTube channel as well.

What makes me think this time will be different?

Hammering Out Better Scheduling

Recently, I began using Asana to manage my day. You can get a free, and slightly limited, account. However, it’s proven to be quite beneficial when it comes to managing my day.

I am getting far more done than I have in the past, which is a good thing. You see, I often forget a lot of things I want to do until it’s time for bed.

Putting together a workable schedule is going to have a huge impact on being able to run a Twitch live stream on a regular basis.

I just need to spend less time getting sucked into watching YouTube or Netflix.

Reinforced Commitment to

Recent events have lit a fire under my butt. With the Google algorithm changes which sunk my original flagship blog and the growing success of Writer Sanctuary’s YouTube channel, I am getting excited about again.

I guess you can say that I am regaining my passion for helping others while being part of a fun community.

We would love for ColoradoPlays to generate enough money to boost all the charities we support. But that’s not going to happen if the site and the Twitch live stream sit idle.

Gamifying the Experience

Gamification is what helped me become a great freelance writer. Without it, I wouldn’t be in the position I am in today. What if I could do something similar for the blog and Twitch live stream?

I mean, Twitch already offers a lot in terms of gamification. Everything from milestones to tracking gaming stats piques my interest.

If I could put in the same effort for gamification into ColoradoPlays as I did for my freelancing career, we could probably take everything so much further.

In fact, I’m already designing ways to turn the Twitch live stream into a game of sorts.

I love collecting data and trying to find ways to improve. This means I have a lot of spreadsheets that help me track all kinds of data. Yes, I know…it’s a bit geeky.

Using the spreadsheets, though, has helped me become a success in my career. Let’s see if I can do the same thing for ColoradoPlays.

What Kind of Games Will be on the Twitch Live Stream?

We love to play all kinds of games. Lately, we’ve played quite a bit of Diablo 3. Then, my daughters and I will load up Minecraft. Myself, I’ve been getting into Raft again and have plans to stream Subnautica.

In essence, we play just about anything. While I’m not a huge fan of first-person shooters, I might even load one or two of them up as well.

The bottom line is that you might not know what we’re going to play next because we don’t.

I wouldn’t mind doing some tournaments, but I just don’t have the time for that. Especially if I plan on trying to cover all the projects I do on any given day.

Let’s End the Year on a High Note

So, here we are…the end of September. There are only three months left in the year, and we have enough subscribers to meet Twitch’s affiliate status. Let’s see if we can earn the watchtime now.

As always, a huge chunk of what we make goes immediately to Extra Life. And this is the driving force behind why we want to do more with ColoradoPlays.

But that’s not going to happen unless we commit some amount of time to a Twitch live stream.

Michael Brockbank
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Michael Brockbank

Michael developed ColoradoPlays to help various charities through his favorite pastime. Since then, the blog and Twitch channels have donated several hundred dollars to Extra Life, Geeks of Grandeur and Operation Supply Drop, to name a few.