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Review: Fallout 4 Costume and Pip Boy from Spirit Halloween

Last Updated on September 21, 2019 by Michael Brockbank

With Halloween just around the corner, I needed to come up with my outfit before it got too late. This year, I went to Spirit Halloween and picked up the “Vault Dweller” Fallout 4 costume and Pip Boy device. And I am pleased, but apprehensive.

In general, the ensemble looks nice. I’m more concerned about the materials used in manufacturing.[template id=”145″]

What is the Fallout 4 Costume and Pip Boy?

The Vault-Tec outfit for dwellers is a popular symbol for the game franchise. Fallout has grown over the years and has a strong fan-base.

In a post-apocalyptic world following nuclear war, Fallout takes place some 250 years in the future. The blue and yellow Vault Boy outfit is quite a common theme, especially since Fallout 3 debuted in 2008.

In this outfit, I am dressing up as the sole survivor of Vault 111. This is the premise for the game of Fallout 4. Luckily, Spirit Halloween even supplied the Pip Boy design from the same game.

This is because every version of the Pip Boy throughout the franchise is aesthetically different.

And this helps keep my entire outfit matching the single game. I mean, it would look silly for me to dress up in a Vault 111 costume and sport a Vault 76 Pip Boy. But I am also a bit on the anal side when it comes to fine details like this.

Of course, it also depends on how much money I have.

How Well Does it Feel?

The Spirit Halloween Fallout costume fits fairly well. I had to go with a size larger as it wasn’t long enough for my arms in the medium size. And, it was a bit tight around the mid-section, but that’s also because I still have 30 pounds to lose.

However, the large size fits great and looks nice.

The material of the Fallout 4 costume is 97% cotton and 3% Spandex. Which means it breathes well while have a bit of stretch to it. However, the material is also very thin compared to real articles of clothing.

In fact, I am constantly worried I’m going to catch it on something small and tear the costume.

Aside from the material fear, the overall feel of the Fallout costume from Spirit Halloween is quite comfortable.

The Pip Boy

The Pip Boy unit has a bit of detail to it. It’s a standard plastic with non-moving pieces. You’re able to clasp it onto your arm with no problems.

However, the Pip Boy device is a bit larger than my arms and does not have a comfortable inner lining. It fits quite loosely, and I’m constantly having to adjust it. This is easy to circumvent, though, by adding a piece of cloth in between my arm and the unit.

Essentially, I will use a black or brown washcloth under the device to help hold it into place on my arm. Plus, it feels more comfortable than the hard plastic.

I did pinch the skin on my arm a couple of times while attaching the Pip Boy. So, keep an eye on that when closing the device.

What Kind of Detail is in the Fallout 4 Costume?

What attracts me to Spirit Halloween is the overall cost. Because the costume is more affordable, there really isn’t an over abundance of detail. However, the Fallout 4 costume looks great for the purpose of a Halloween party.

If I had more money, I would have surely invested in leather add-ons for armor. Unfortunately, leather products are quite expensive…especially for what I wanted to do.

The biggest issue I have is with the number stitching on the back. You can see separations between the number and stitching which looks a bit on the bad side. However, you have to be looking fairly close to notice the fault.

Pip Boy Device for Fallout Detail

The molding for the Pip Boy is real close to the approximation of the unit in the game. All of the buttons and nobs are present. Unfortunately, they do not move and are nothing more than visual nuances.

One of the things that I liked about the cheaper Pip Boy from Spirit Halloween is the transition screen. By moving the device back and forth, the screen changes from map, to health statistics to inventory modes.

Which gives it a functional appearance, even though the unit is not powered. But what do you expect for less than $30?

What Kind of Materials are Used?

The material of the “Vault Dweller” outfit from Spirit Halloween feels a bit on the cheap side. While it does feel good while wearing, you get the sense that it’s not as finely crafted as you’d like.

In reality, I’ve had tank tops made with more raw material than the entire outfit. Well, a long-sleeved shirt to be sure.

The craftsmanship and quality of materials reeked of Chinese manufacturing…and sure enough, the label says, “Made in China.”

Now, not everything coming out of China is poorly crafted. However, keep in mind you get what you pay for. It’s a cheap alternative to higher-quality products.

Pip Boy Construction

The Pip Boy that matches the outfit is also made of thin plastic. I doubt it would take any kind of severe blow or accidental bump. And the clasping mechanism isn’t the best designed for holding the unit to your arm.

It has more of a child’s toy feel, again from China. But, it’s about 1/10th the cost of a collector’s edition Pip Boy which has far better quality.

Don’t get me wrong, it perfectly matches the outfit. Just remember that the Pip Boy device for Fallout from Spirit Halloween isn’t going to take a vast amount of use over time.[template id=”505″]

What Are Some Notable Features?

Although the craftsmanship is not up to my particular standards, both the Fallout 4 costume and the Pip Boy device do have some notable features.

Nice Fit

The overall fit and feel of the outfit was surprising. For as much as I spent, I figured it would be tight in some places and baggy in others. However, the measurements were pretty spot on for a guy who is 6-foot tall and weighs 225 lbs.

Shiny Gold Trim

I like the gold trim of the outfit. Originally, I had thought the colors were blue and yellow as per the Vault Boy look. But after playing the game again, I realized that the suit is indeed blue and gold.

Accurate Pip Boy Design

The Pip Boy is very close to the actual unit players use in the game. Anyone who spent any amount of time in Fallout 4 would surely recognize the device. It has a great deal of detail, even if most of those are in the form of stickers on the unit.

Potty Breaks Optional

The biggest downside I can see to wearing the Fallout 4 costume is the zipper. It doesn’t go as far down as I would like. If I have to use the rest room at the Halloween party, it’s going to be a chore to unzip and at least take off the top half of the suit.

Is it Practical and Functional?

The construction and material of both the jumper and the Pip Boy doesn’t feel like it has a lot of life to them. In reality, you probably not want to wear it more than a handful of times for short periods.

On the upside, the suit and Pip Boy fit well and I walked around without having too much of an issue. I still need to add a liner to the Pip Boy, but the outfit handled walking around quite easily.

Personally, I was wearing my basketball shorts and a tank top under the outfit quite comfortably.

Where Can You Find the Fallout 4 Costume?

I spent $85 at the local Spirit Halloween for both the Vault Dweller outfit and the Pip Boy. The Vault 111 jumper was about $49.99 and the Pip Boy was another $29.99.

In reality, it’s not all of a bad deal for $85. I am sure I could easily spend a lot more trying to put together a more authentic outfit. So, this really isn’t all that bad of a price deal for what I’ll be using it for…a Halloween party.

In a Nutshell…

I am pretty excited to throw this on next weekend. It looks good, feels good and brings a smile to my face every time I look at it. The price isn’t bad for what you get, and it’s a quick way to dress up as the sole survivor from Fallout 4.

The money I spent for my Fallout 4 costume was worth the appearance it provides…well, at least it is to me.[template id=”543″]

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