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Review: Playing Some Topgolf in Thornton, CO

Since we are ColoradoPlays, it only makes sense to play in Colorado. And one of my favorite pastimes is to spend an hour or two at Topgolf. As the new one opened recently, we decided to give the Topgolf in Thornton a try.

I liked the one in Centennial quite a bit. So, I was hoping the new establishment would be just as rewarding for me.

What to Expect at Topgolf, Thornton

Initially, I was hoping the location in Thornton would be closer to where I live. And for some reason, it was in my mind. But, It’s actually a couple of miles further than the Centennial location.

At any rate, this northern location makes it easier for my family to come visit and play. It cuts about 25 minutes of off their drive.

A Bit of a Pain to Get Into

The first thing I’ll point out is how much of a pain it is to get into the Thornton location. The parking lot directly in front of Topgolf is incredibly narrow with overflow parking being a bit out of the way.

This is in contrast to the massive parking lot at the Topgolf in Centennial.

After looping around a bit from the freeway and making our way through a few back streets, we finally pulled in. Although, we had to park a bit down the alley they call a parking lot.

I can only imagine how impossible it’ll be to find a parking space once the pandemic is under control.

A Nice and Friendly Atmosphere

I’ve only been to Topgolf facilities a handful of times. But each visit was a welcome change to other establishments that make me feel like I’m putting them out of their way.

All of the staff at the Topgolf in Thornton were friendly and treated us with utmost respect. Even the kitchen staff came out to ensure our meal was satisfactory, which I’ll get to in a moment.

This was something the chefs at the Centennial location did not do.

So far, I think Topgolf is probably among some of the best places to go if you want a great and serene environment.

Pay Per Bay

So, I know this isn’t unique to this specific Topgolf. But, I would still like to point how the rental works. Instead of paying per person per game, as you would experience in other locales, you pay for the bay per hour.

This means you’re charged the same whether you have one person or a party of six playing a round of golf. Although this may seem a bit expensive for a single person, it makes for an incredible deal when bringing along friends and family.

And if you go before noon on a Tuesday, the bay only costs $13.50/hr. 

Incredible Food!

Topgolf Thornton Nachos

There’s no doubt that I thoroughly enjoy Topgolf in Thornton. But the food was an incredible bonus. It’s not often that I think a high-priced meal was worth the money.

I had the nachos, which were not too bad in terms of calories. And the taste was just short of heavenly. It was probably one of the best plates of nachos I’ve ever had at any location.

Since I had the chicken club at the Centennial location, something I thoroughly enjoyed as well, it’s very difficult to say which one is my favorite.

I just wished I would have remembered to take the picture before I started eating them. But the nachos smelled amazing, and I couldn’t help myself.

Lots of Ways to Play

Over time, Topgolf has added a lot more styles of play to the system. It seems like every time I visit a facility, there are new ways to play.

That either says Topgolf is quick to add or I am slow to visit. Either way, I’m going to make it a habit to golf more often…as soon as COVID-19 is done.

Personally, I’m a fan of the good ‘ol fashion Topgolf and Topscore. But Jewel Jam was pretty fun and reminded me a bit of a live-action game of Bejeweled.

Outdoors, But Heated

Like the gameplay, all Topgolf locations have outdoor-facing bays that are well heated. Even if it’s coat weather outside, I still feel comfortable enough to wear one of my Hawaiian shirts.

Then again, I’m always in a Hawaiian shirt regardless of the season.

At any rate, the bays produce enough heat to keep players warm regardless of the temperature outside. Well, unless you try to play during a cold, windy day.

COVID-19 Kind of Hindered the Experience

Although Topgolf in Thornton does a great job of opening the facility in a safe manner during a pandemic, COVID-19 definitely took a bit away from the experience.

Each bay is insulated from each other with huge sheets of thick plastic. This prevents a bit of the social interaction I was kind of looking for during my last visit.

I don’t really fault Topgolf for this, though. It’s not the company’s fault that a virulent virus is sweeping across the globe. I am, however, looking forward to visiting without facemasks, plastic sheets, and overly sterile environments.

Would I Recommend Topgolf in Thornton?

Topgolf Thornton Fairway

The only real negative thing I can think of for this location is the parking I mentioned earlier. It’s definitely a bit of a trick to get into the main parking lot close to the entrance. It’s incredibly narrow and somewhat claustrophobic.

If I remember, next time I visit, I’ll get a picture to show what I mean.

However, the facility itself, the gameplay, and the food make it worthwhile if you can figure out how to park coming in from I-25.

If you’re playing by yourself, I recommend going on a Tuesday. It’s half-priced, and your dollar can go much further. But for a group of six, the price is just right for what you get.

And yes, I’m looking forward to going again in the very near future and having some more nachos.

If You’re In Colorado, it’s a Great Place to Play

There are a lot of things you can do in Colorado. And playing a bit of Topgolf in Thornton is definitely among my favorites. It’s not that far from Denver and easy to find from I-25, one of our major freeways.

Whether you’re an expert golfer or just want to hang out and have some fun, it’s definitely something you’ll want to try.

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