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Review: XSplit Broadcaster

Last Updated on September 24, 2019 by Michael Brockbank

When you want to stream your games to services such as Twitch, you need broadcasting software. If you’re not technically inclined, you need streaming software that is easy to use. XSplit Broadcaster may be one of the easiest methods I have used for sending my games to my channels.

Why Do You Need XSplit Broadcaster?

In order to send your games and other videos to services such as Twitch, you need software that can connect to those remote servers. XSplit Broadcaster does this for you. Once you have authorized the app to connect to those services, you can begin streaming everything from games you play to live showings.
[template id=”145″] If you want to do more with XSplit, you can also use it for creating YouTube videos. In fact, it’s what I use to make content for my other channels.

XSplit Broadcaster does have a free license you can use to try it out. It is a bit limited compared to the premium app and you have to deal with logo branding, but it works exceptionally well when streaming to Twitch.

In fact, I used a free account for the first three months before I sprung for the $15.

Extra Features

XSplit Broadcaster lets you to set up multiple scenes during your broadcast. With just a click of the mouse, you can switch from the game itself to another input device or prepared graphic such as a “BRB” screen or background image.

This application is capable of using other apps such as Streamlabs for enhancing game streams. Using .txt files and URL submissions, you can set up a variety of alerts such as donations and followers.

Virtually any streaming improvement app that uses .txt files or URLs can be included easily into XSplit Broadcaster.

Drag and drop graphics are a nice touch as you can simply pull an image out of a folder and plop it right into the stream screen itself. This is a great time saver and works with a wide range of the most common image file types.

Personally, I use a lot of PNGs in my stream and video recordings.

For those looking for an easy to use piece of software for making YouTube videos, Xsplit Broadcaster has you covered. Instead of selecting “Broadcast,” you can change to “Local Recording.” This gives you the ability to record game play or other videos using your webcam and a background. It utilizes the green screen quite nicely.

Overall, How Well Did it Work?

XSplit Broadcaster has a great deal of customization when compared to the smaller “Gamecaster” application. There is an abundance of tools and features that can help even the most novice of users develop a professional look to their productions.

I was quite pleased with how well the application handled everything and have an incredible amount of fun adding graphics and texts to my games. In fact, it has become my mainstay for streaming.

Don’t get me wrong, Gamecaster has a lot of nice functionality for the beginner user, but Broadcaster just has so many tools and abilities.

XSplit Broadcaster is in constant evolution. Every few months or so, I find all kinds of new integrations and abilities wrapped up in the software. This includes add-ons you can install such as displaying donations that are linked directly to your Extra Life profile.

What One Feature Stands Out the Most

It’s difficult to put my finger on just one attribute that stands out the most. If I had to choose one, however, it may be the ability to integrate with other apps. Things like SNAZ and Streamlabs take broadcasting a bit further and XSplit Broadcaster uses these two apps like a champ.

What is the Major Downfall of the Software?

So far, the only real downside I have experienced with XSplit is the way it handles game capture cards. My personal experience is using the Diamond GC500, which isn’t an expensive high-end capture device.

Although this unit plays the old games near perfectly on the computer, the interface between the GC500 and Broadcaster is a bit lacking. The frame rate on the stream is very poor although the game play on the monitor is excellent. I’m not sure where the degradation occurs, but I am working on how to fix the frame rates for the GC500.
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There are so many pros related to this software that it’s difficult to list them all. I don’t have a lot of time and want to get everything I can listed in this post.

  • Easy to use and almost nearly completely automated.
  • Drag and drop graphic integration
  • Third-party app integration through files and URLs
  • Many tools and features for complete customization
  • Advanced options for special fine-tuning
  • Quick response from technical support staff
  • Affordable when compared to high-priced alternatives
  • Your XSplit account works for both Broadcaster and Gamecaster – only one payment for both
  • Free to use personal license


No software or device is 100% perfect. Although XSplit Broadcaster does have amazing features, there are a few things that might need to be addressed in future updates.

  • Doesn’t agree with the Diamond GC500 very well
  • Handles social media updates to Twitter, Facebook and Google+ a bit haphazardly

Price Comparison to Similar Software

There are a few applications on the Internet that have similar capabilities, but not all of them are as well developed for ease of use and affordability. The only real piece of software that may be comparable is that of OBS, another common streaming application Twitch users love.

Personally, I believe that XSplit Broadcaster is easier to use than OBS. Don’t get me wrong, OBS has a lot of nice features and abilities. I just find the layout for XSplit overall easier to use for what I do.

The account I have is $15 billed every three months, which easily breaks down to $5 per month. In reality, I spent far more than this on cigarettes per day – before I quit smoking. For me, $5 is worth the price especially since the support staff have been incredible to help with issues.

Would I Recommend it to Friends and Family?

If you feel that $5 per month is an affordable cost for easy to use interfaces and professional-looking streams, then XSplit Broadcaster may be the right tool for you. Personally, I feel the application is well worth the expense as I don’t have to put much effort into customizing my stream.[template id=”543″]

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