Why We Still Play EverQuest 2, From SOE to Daybreak

In November 2004, Sony released the sequel to its popular “EverQuest” title. And although I was on the fence for a couple of years after that, it’s become quite the popular game in our collection. While I still play EverQuest 2 off and on, it’s among my go-tos for various reasons.

Now, back then, Sony Online Entertainment seemed to care about its player base. But as times were changing and Sony focusing more on its PlayStation capabilities, it sold the SOE line-up to Daybreak Game Company.

While I’m not a fan of investment groups, I’m glad Daybreak has kept one of its staples alive.

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Why Play EverQuest 2?

I’ve been an ardent fan of EverQuest since 1999. In fact, I refused to play EverQuest 2 simply because it reminded me of “EQ for dummies.” That’s how hardcore of a fan I was of the original.

But, my brother talked me into playing as he found the original too clunky. And, although I am still a fan of the EQ1, I did find myself thoroughly enjoying EQ2.

Some of the reasons I play include:

A Very Long List of Quests

EverQuest 2 has an exceptionally long list of quests, with more coming out with every expansion. You’d be hard-pressed to complete every one of them as it would take an absurd amount of time.

I know this statement is true with a lot of other MMORPGs out there. However, it’s the first one that really grabbed my attention as it did back in 2006.

Still Supported by Daybreak Games

Amazingly, EverQuest and EverQuest 2 are still supported by the Daybreak Game Company’s investment group. Usually, groups like this “cut the fat” and “streamline” a business for the sole purpose of maximizing profits.

In fact, I know a lot of people personally who lost their jobs when Daybreak took over. Still, content is being published for those who play.

And let’s face it, EQ is an established title as opposed to something like H1Z1, which Daybreak axed a few years ago. Well, the survival part of H1Z1, anyway.

They still keep up the battle royal – which I’m really not into.

Manageable Gameplay Mechanics

The gameplay mechanics for EverQuest 2 are not overly difficult to master. With a customizable overhead layout, you can set up your experience according to your needs.

Back in the day, we went so far as to install mods to play EverQuest 2, such as a map that displayed where everything was regarding questlines in every zone.

Great Storylines

For the most part, the storylines within the game are pretty interesting. Yes, there are some that made me scratch my head, and others that offered loot nowhere near the trouble.

However, I am a storyline-driven player.

This, alone, makes it worth the money to buy each expansion. It’s like picking up the latest addition to a book series. And, why I pre-order games like StarCraft and Diablo.

A Massive World to Explore

Massive World to Explore

Say what you want about the game, but EverQuest 2 has a massive world to explore. Regardless if you start off good, neutral, or evil, the landscape is incredibly large.

As I love to explore worlds, this game fulfills me in that regard. Of course, there are some areas you simply want to wait to adventure until your level is high enough to fend off the mobs.

Near Endless Achievements

There is a myriad of ways you can play the game. As such, there is a vastly large number of achievements, both official and personal, you can accomplish when you play EverQuest 2.

In fact, my best friend is still wanting to achieve the “Destroyer of Brownies” title.

I was the first person to hit one million status contributed to the guild and the first to hit level 100 in crafting. I’ve also taken to collecting all of the Lore and Legend books and rewards, which I’m still working on.

Without buying what I need from the broker.

Customizing a Home

Customizing a Home

One of the selling points for me back in 2006 was the ability to buy and customize a home. And yes, I like the realism of needing to pay “rent.”

There are a few different floor plans you can choose from, but I do wish there was more of a selection. On the other hand, the addition of Frostfang Sea did bring a new layout that I really enjoy, aesthetically.

Adventure or Trade Skills?

One of the things I like most when I play EverQuest 2 is the ability to craft. I can make virtually anything my characters need to adventure out. Or, I can sell those goods on the broker to make a few platinum.

As I’m always a foodie in just about any game, it’s amazing to me to have access to a variety of recipes to feed my guild. Though, I do wish there were more unique recipes for each tier.

My point is that you can earn through adventure or set yourself up with trade skills. In fact, my monk was a level 100 in trade skills as a level 12 in her class.


Lastly, and perhaps one of the biggest draws for myself, is the nostalgia I get and feel to this day when I hear the character selection screen music.

The fun my family and I have, the people I’ve met, the memories of great adventures going horribly wrong…I have a great deal of fun when playing.

Like, the time I saved my brother, who had a sliver of life left, from a horde of giants in Permafrost…only to kill him the rest of the way by opening a trapped chest immediately after the fight.

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I Pay How Much to Play EverQuest 2?

This time around, I budgeted a bit of money to put into dating apps. It’s probably no surprise that I’m single at the moment. Instead of paying almost $40 for a gamble to meet someone during a pandemic, I decided to pay for three months of playing EverQuest 2 on a premium account.

Yes, you can play EQ for free. But, that would limit my access to the huge number of characters I have and what I can do.

So, I put $38-ish into All Access for Daybreak games for the next three months. Besides, I do like to play PlanetSide 2 every once in a while.

With the payment, though, you can get an extra 500 Daybreak coins every month which you can use to buy in-game items across any game in Daybreak’s collection. In reality, you’ll only pay about $9.99 per month to play with $5 every month to buy goodies.

Well, unless you pay in advance…then it’s even cheaper.

And if you’re willing to dump money into mobile games for moves or time-savers, don’t scoff at me for spending money to Play EverQuest 2.

Everyone has a game that they’re willing to pump money into. Besides, it’s money that I’d just waste on something else. I might as well put it to something I thoroughly enjoy.

Do You Play EverQuest 2?

Although it’s a title that many deem as “dead” or “dying,” there is still enough of a fan-base to keep the game going. Unfortunately, Daybreak has eliminated a lot of the extras to help reduce overhead. However, I still enjoy myself when I play EverQuest 2.

It’s one of those games that I can spend 20 minutes crafting during a lunch break or four hours grinding through to complete a questline.

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