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Accidentally Spent Money on Streamlabs Prime for 2022

Last Updated on January 25, 2022 by Michael Brockbank

Unfortunately, my PayPal account was tapped by Streamlabs Prime to pay for the 2022 year. It’s my fault for forgetting to turn off the subscription. So, I guess I’ll try making something of it again this year.

Now, the only reason why I say “unfortunately” is because I wanted to do other things with the money. Since I’ve been transitioning to YouTube, I really didn’t see the use of Streamlabs for what I was building.

So, I suppose I’ll give this Prime account one more shot to see what all I can do with it.

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Using Streamlabs Prime in 2022

I had a good idea in 2021 about using Streamlabs Prime. And I managed to get quite a bit of that plan into motion. But things came up and the gaming stuff had to take a backseat.

Mostly because I started paying a bit more attention to publishing my first book.

Still, I think I can make something work with Streamlabs. I just need to make sure I’m taking advantage of everything I can over the next 12 months.

Themes and Overlays

Streamlabs Prime has quite a few themes and overlays you can use to accentuate the live stream. While most may seem a bit much, especially to someone who likes minimalist videos, you can’t argue with how effective some of the visuals are.

And it seems the database of overlays just keeps growing. In fact, there are a lot more animated themes today than there were when I started this adventure last year.

I suppose I’ll go through them and find ones that fit specific games as I am a bit anal when it comes to symmetry.

Doing More with the Merch Store

Last year, I really didn’t do much with the merch store or page. Sure, I linked it here and there on the blog and channels. But I didn’t add anything to buy.

So, I wasted an opportunity to create some designs for the store. However, I do plan on seeing if I can come up with a few new ideas.

The keyword there is “plan.” I am usually quite a busy individual. This means I might have to work in managing the Streamlabs merch store during the week for 2022.

After all, I wouldn’t mind making a few bucks off of some goodies.

Playing Around with Twitch Panels

I uploaded new panels to the ColoradoPlays Twitch channel, but there are so many more that would probably fit better. And over the past year, there have been quite a few added to the list.

I would like to find something that is general to Colorado, though. I might have to mess around with the colors of the Twitch panels to see if I can get one that feels right.

Something else I am debating is changing the panels with each season. The problem here is that I would have to spend a lot of time customizing each set that I want to change.

To be perfectly honest, I don’t often have that much time in my day. We’ll see, though.

YouTube Thumbnails

I’m still trying to get the YouTube channel going. And I plan on putting far more time into it for 2022, with or without Streamlabs Prime. In fact, I have the next episode of my Hardcore Minecraft series rendering as I am writing this post.

Perhaps the biggest problem I have with Streamlabs YouTube thumbnails is how I have to use Streamlabs itself as the editing platform. This is a bit of a pain, especially since I have Photoshop.

If I wanted to use the same design for thumbnails, I would have to search for it in Streamlabs with every video I create. It’s not very time-efficient.

But one of the things I wanted to test last year is whether these thumbnails did anything for click-through rates on YouTube. So, I guess I’ll see what I can do with the new layouts.

Don’t Multistream!

One of the features of Streamlabs Prime is multistreaming. This is when you can send your live feed to more than one location – ie. YouTube, Twitch, and Facebook at the same time.

The problem here, though, is that Twitch has a clause that prevents affiliates and partners from showing live Twitch content to other platforms for 24 hours.

Now, there are a lot of people out there who turned down the affiliate and partner status to do multistreaming. And it’s something I’m considering since I don’t make money from Twitch anyway.

For right now, though, I’m not going to worry about multistreaming.

Getting Back to Setting Up the Streamlabs Prime Page

I’ve decided to make a few changes to the Streamlabs Prime page for 2022. Especially if I still plan on changing the theme. If I do, then the featured posts that show on the page will no longer work.

I also want to get back into tracking data and finding out if the whole Prime thing is worth the investment throughout the year.

In other words, I should have quite a bit of content that breaks down Prime over the next 12 months. If it’s something that seems to be helping, then I’ll consider paying for another year.

The bottom line is that Streamlabs Prime needs to help me bring in more than $149 over the next month. Otherwise, it’s not a feasible investment and my money would be better spent elsewhere.

Will I Actually Use Streamlabs Prime in 2022?

Here’s the kicker of setting all of this up…I actually have to use it.

Last year, I came out strong and was getting the ball rolling for using Streamlabs Prime more with Twitch and YouTube. However, my year took several turns and had many changes.

For one thing, I decided to do more on YouTube because I was tired of losing my viewers to hot tub streamers on Twitch.

Yes, it happened on several occasions.

Since I paid for it again, I might as well see just how far we can take our channel.

I’ll probably still do most of the gaming videos on YouTube, as I’m trying to build up a subscriber base and audience. But I’ll see what we can do during the daylight hours on Twitch.

Not to mention running a few experiments for the YouTube thumbnails to see if they make a difference compared to the ones I make in Photoshop.

What’s Your Favorite Streaming Software?

There are quite a few ways you can stream to Twitch, YouTube, or Facebook. The trick is to find software that fits your needs as closely as possible.

In 2022, you have a lot more options than just Streamlabs Prime. And many of them have some great features and functions, such as Gamecaster, which is what I’ll use for live YouTube videos soon.

What is your favorite platform, and how well does it work for what you need?

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