XSplit Vs. OBS: Which Streaming Software is Right for You?

If you want to stream to Twitch and have the ability to modify your broadcast’s appearance, you’ll need good streaming software. Personally, I use XSplit. However, I wanted to test out why so many people prefer Open Broadcaster Software. So, I decided to compare XSplit to OBS to see which is better.

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Loot Boxes Hurting EA’s Company Value? Maybe Not

Over the past few days, Electronic Arts has experienced a backlash of empirical proportions. This is thanks to the loot box fiasco which is being debated as gambling. As a result, EA’s company value continues to drop and stock prices are the lowest they’ve been since April. But is “lootgate” to blame?

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Topgolf, Centennial, CO: Fun for Everyone Review

Wish you could combine golf with a party atmosphere? Topgolf is one such place that combines food, drink, entertainment and golf into one spectacular location. This is perhaps one of my favorite things to do in Colorado. If you’re near the Centennial area, it’s worth the time and money to check it out.

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