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Topgolf, Centennial, CO: Fun for Everyone Review

Last Updated on September 21, 2019 by Michael Brockbank

Wish you could combine golf with a party atmosphere? Topgolf is one such place that combines food, drink, entertainment and golf into one spectacular location. This is perhaps one of my favorite things to do in Colorado. If you’re near the Centennial area, it’s worth the time and money to check it out.

What is Topgolf?

Topgolf is a huge facility that is based on a driving range-style game play. In a nut-shell, you’re trying to drive your ball into gigantic holes out in the field to score points. Sensors within these holes gauge how many points you make as the ball passes through. The closer you are to the center, the more points you receive.
[template id=”145″] Each bay is set up with tables and chairs making it a great place to bring a group of people. Food and drinks are served as you and your friends slug it out in several different game types. And I must say, the pizza served at Topgolf isn’t all that bad.

Perhaps one of the features I find the most intriguing is the difference in game play. Each style has objectives for you to complete to score the most points. Sensor visuals are displayed on various monitors around the bay, and the touch screens have quite a few options for control in the middle of a game.

Topgolf has clubs you can barrow in each bay or you can bring your own. This is great because I am so used to swinging my Diablo. You don’t have to bring anything to the facility other than your membership card.

Another aspect I love about this business is the leagues and regional championship tournaments. For example, winners from each Topgolf around the country playoff for a shot to play in the championship series in Las Vegas at the MGM Grand.

Want to claim some notoriety? Topgolf records top players and shows their stats on the big screens as you walk in the door. For those who take the game style seriously, this could be worth coming back by itself.

How Expensive is Topgolf?

Currently in Centennial, Colorado, pricing is listed per hour as:

  • Open to 12pm: $25
  • 12pm to 5pm: $35
  • 5pm to Close: $45

These prices are based on a per-bay platform. This means you can have up to six people playing at 10:00 am for $25 per hour, which breaks down to about $4.17 per person. In the grand scheme of things, this isn’t all that bad of a price.

Eventually, I’m going to do a rating page for the best monetary value of different areas in Colorado. For now, I can safely say that just over $4 per hour is a decent price for what’s available.

For example, it’s conceivable for three of us to spend more than $15 per hour playing 18 holes on a nearby course with a cart. Obviously this is going to be different depending on the golf course you visit, but you get the idea.
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Is It Easily Accessible?

Topgolf is easily accessible either by way of I25 or East Arapahoe Road. It’s located on South Havana Street next door to a Walmart Supercenter. The Google pictures don’t do it justice as you can see the actual construction of the facility. However I assure you, the parking is quite ample in the morning.

Like any facility in Colorado, parking is easier if you get there early. I have yet to visit in the afternoon, so I can’t say for sure if it’s hectic or not. However, I will update this article in the near future regarding overall parking and if the facility is overly packed.

What is the Engagement Factor?

What makes this facility engaging? That really depends on whether or not you like to golf. For instance, someone who doesn’t like to swing a club probably wouldn’t find Topgolf all that appealing. On the other hand, you may be one of those who don’t take golf seriously but rather enjoy the experience.

With that being said, Topgolf offers quite a few aspects that make it easy to come back. Here are just a few I find the most engaging:

  • Keeping track of your stats and scores.
  • Different ways to play the games.
  • Has that sense of competition among many.

For example, I can keep track of my scores from the app on my phone by connecting my membership card. I also like how you can “charge” your membership by prepaying before you even get to the facility.

How Does it Rate for Fitness?

The only real drawback in fitness when comparing Topgolf to regular golf is you’re not as active. While there is movement to walk from the table to swing your club, it still lacks a bit when compared to being on the course.

However, the act of swinging the club alone does a great job to elevate the heart as well as micro-tone the various muscle groups.

Another aspect that may offset a fitness angle for Topgolf is how you eat or drink while visiting. As long as you don’t pig out or consume too much, it’s relatively easy to burn off more than you eat. Just be mindful of what you’re putting into your body while partying with your friends.

How is the Customer Service?

The staff at Topgolf were extremely helpful and very pleasant. In fact, there was one girl in particular that seemed a bit over-happy to be at her job. You know the type. She’ll smile even if the customer kicked a puppy across the room. There’s something eerie about an employee that is too cheery.

Of course, I may be biased considering how long I lived in Sterling, CO.

Overall, though, the experience with the staff was pleasant and I never felt as if I was putting someone out of their way. All my questions were answered promptly and precise. I would have to say the staff at Topgolf is one of the most professional that I’ve met in a fun center.

Why Would You Want to Visit Topgolf?

If you’re looking for a place to blow a couple of hours with friends, and like to golf, this is probably one of the best alternatives in Colorado. As long as you have a party of at least three, the costs are comparative to most courses in this beautiful state.

It’s also incredible as a family-friendly facility. My 12 and 10-year old daughters had a great time playing with their cousin and grandpa. It’s definitely on our “must-do-it-again” list.
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Where is It Located?

Like I mentioned above, Topgolf is located in Centennial, CO off of I25 and South Havana. It’s about 25 minutes south of the Denver metro area if you drive.

Essentially, you take I25 South to Centennial and get off on the South Havana exit. It takes you straight to Topgolf.

Currently, there is only one Topgolf in Colorado.

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