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Console Subnautica and Getting Closer to Below Zero!

Last Updated on September 21, 2019 by Michael Brockbank

Subnautica is definitely one of my favorite games. I’ve been anticipating the early access release of the stand-alone expansion, “Below Zero.” And today, I got a bit of news that keeps me excited about the progress of Unknown Worlds Entertainment.

You can now pick up console Subnautica for Xbox One and PS4! It’s available through a variety of outlets such as GameStop, Amazon, Best Buy or as online purchases through the Playstation Store and Microsoft.

If I had an Xbox One or PS4, I would probably buy it even though I already have Subnautica through Steam. I would just like to see what it looks like on a 55″ smartTV.

Personally, I’m not a big fan of first-person games on consoles. I’d rather have the fluidity of a keyboard and mouse. However, I can see how this is a boon for the company as well as players.[template id=”145″]

Expanding the Market

First, and probably foremost, adding console Subnautica will more than likely boost the fan-base as well as brand awareness for Unknown Worlds Entertainment.

After all, there are millions of gamers out there who would rather play on consoles over computers.

And the more attention any particular franchise receives, the more likely a developer will continue advancing with future games.

I just hope they don’t jump on the microtransaction bandwagon that so many other developers are diving into.

Demonstrating the Benefit of Single Player

Contrary to the belief of some developers, single player games are not dying out. This is more than likely an argument used to promote “games-as-a-service” as opposed to putting in the effort to create a good title.

Too many developers will push a product without fine-tuning the mechanics. It’s all about making shareholders happy in most instances. Which means producing a game as quickly as possible to generate revenue.

You don’t see that kind of mindset with Unknown Worlds Entertainment.

It seems to me that this particular developer would rather engage an audience through progression and game play support.

Don’t get me wrong, online multiplayer games do have a part in the gaming community. But not everything needs to be an online-only experience. There are days when I just want to play by myself and immerse in a good story line.

What Would I Add to Subnautica?

The only thing I would possible change to Subnautica is adding a co-op mode. And I don’t mean an open server where everyone can join. I’m talking more like a friend-invite only platform.

Something like what you see in games like “Don’t Starve Together,” a password-protected game where you can invite your Steam friends to play.

And since you’re the host of the game, Unknown Worlds wouldn’t have to worry about server configurations or expenses. Essentially, it takes games back to the good old days when multiplayer relied on the hosting player’s internet and computing power.

But I can see how that would be a problem in some instances.[template id=”505″]

Will Console Subnautica Be a Success?

In general, Subnautica has seen a lot of success on Steam since January of 2016. The reviews are overwhelmingly positive and the game is priced exceptionally well for what you get.

According to SteamCharts, the game peaked back in January of 2018 with more than 50,000 concurrent players. It jumped again during the Steam Summer sale.

Unfortunately, this isn’t a real good comparison as PC and console gamers are often quite different when it comes to various formats. However, given the first-person nature and intense play, I can see it as a good performing game in terms of console sales.

For one thing, it’s great for players of any age. So your 10-year old can immerse him or herself deeply into this beautifully rendered underwater wonderland on an alien planet as opposed to shooting someone in the face with a shotgun in a battle arena.

In other words, console Subnautica is very family friendly.

And for those who have a fear of deep water, it’s virtually a horror game. Speaking for myself, it taps into that unseen-depth problem I have with the oceans.

Yet, I plan on getting a VR unit soon so I can play Subnautica. I might have to invest in a frequent change of shorts as well.

When is the Release of Below Zero?

With the news of console Subnautica, Unknown Worlds also provided an update to the long-awaited franchise expansion of “Below Zero.” Well, I have good and bad news…

What’s the Bad News?

Unknown Worlds doesn’t have an exact release date for Subnautica: Below Zero just yet. This means it could still be several months away before we’re able to buy it as early access.

And as opposed to early access as I am, this is one I will most likely buy. For one thing, the publisher has demonstrated commitment.

See, this is what happens when you listen to fans and deliver quality instead of trying to appease investors. People like me line up to buy a game as soon as it hits early access.

What’s the Good News?

The good news is that Unknown Worlds doesn’t have an exact release date yet. This means the developer is putting in the effort to release a polished product instead of a quick cash grab riddled with issues.

Even in the email the company touts getting a “decent few hours of gameplay.” And I would rather see a company try to break its own game before release rather than let players find all the glitches.

There’s no doubt that the early access Below Zero will have a few problems. Most new games in beta stages do. But the more issues Unknown Worlds solves before going public, the better for us as consumers and them as a brand.

This is one of the biggest reasons why I haven’t bought Fallout 76 just yet. From the reviews I’ve seen, it’ll probably be well into January or February of next year before I pull the trigger on that mess.

Personally, I just don’t have the money to buy a $60 game that may or may not hold my attention.

However, I do have $25 to submerge myself in an alien ocean and explore the depths for several hours at a time.

Crossing My Fingers for Console Subnautica and Below Zero

Even though I’ll most not likely play console Subnautica, I do hope the game does well for Unknown Worlds Entertainment. It means the company will most likely invest in future expansions of the franchise and bring even better experiences in the future.

As for Below Zero, all we can do is wait ever so impatiently. But think of it this way…it’ll be more polished than some of the other junk that floats around on Steam.

Patience is a virtue.[template id=”543″]

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